Hot dog anyone

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DieHard, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. My wifes sense of humour

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  2. Are'nt you supposed to skin them first?
  3. No.For the authentic taste you need to use a blow torch to remove the fur.
  4. OP, is your wife Chinese or Korean by any chance?
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  5. "That will teach you not to pee on the carpet - and you Diehard, will get the same if you even blink"!
  6. Gas is ok for kosher BBQs.

    Is that my coat and hat, so very kind.
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  7. Rat on a rope. Best place for it.
  8. Hotdog.jpg
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  9. Hahahaha that got me proper 'Arh'ing' like a girl. I blame the HRT treatment I'm currently undertaking.
  10. Got me too - that is cute
  11. Gas BBQs are for winners.
  12. No fcukinjg about with coals and lighters and waiting for the white cloals. No wondering where to dump the ashes. Easy cleaning. As for dogs: taste gamey. Not for me.
  13. Never tried dog before. I assume like everything, it tastes like chicken?
  14. I had some 'Pork' at a cheap buffet and commented on it's strange taste to my Thai friends.
    They chatted in Thai and one says John "Dog".
    South of Chiang Mai there is a small town that runs along the main road named SanPatong.
    It is famous for Dog and Snake on the menue.