Hot cupboard

I know I'm clutching at straws but you dont ask you dont get. I'm looking for a hot cupboard with bain marrie top for our mess kitchen. Trying through normal channels but with cuts an all I think it will dues out for ever. Any one know of one not being used any where?

Any help, leads much apprieciated

Many thanks for looking


Hi mate. It shouldn't be too difficult to track down a heavy duty catering hire firm, somewhere. Like this one for instance. Or Catering surplus stock and equipment, UK.. There are electrical units too, could link up to a genny, but the food temp needs to be kept about 80 degrees constant whatever you do. Then of course there's all that elf n safety stuff to contend with. PKL say this about health and safety Temporary Kitchen Health and Safety Features and there's this .

Why not custom build one? 4 feet high, 6 - 8 feet wide, sliding doors, and a recess for your bain marie. I wish I'd kept the design I knocked up back in the day. You're maybe looking at sheet metal, rivets, circular gas rings and LPG bottles with hoses. Cut a hole in the base for a gas feed. Shouldn't be too difficult to knock up, our workshops built several. Find someone savvy with Autocad, or anyone good with a pencil and dimensions perhaps, and then seek out a metal worker.

Building your own custom jobbie does work, if you get it right and follow elf'n safety guidelines.
I did try a few minor additions and was nearly hung, like you say H&bloodyS put the carbosh on any custom jobs. I just missed one down near Plymouth, 5ft, perfect. This is for long term so hireing is out. Its beg steal or borrow time.

Thanks for the reply


#4 you get your own, have you tried borrowing one, approaching Hotels, Banqueting venues, any place where they use hot cupboards on wheels. Some big Hotels and Pubs do have portable hot cupboards and I've seen a few of these laying around gathering dust or only wheeled out for functions/ banquets, once a week. Also what about catering equipment grave yards? Bankruptcy stock, or Officers and WO's & Sgts Messes, try your local barracks? Use Gumtree/Free Ads?

Bain Maries )or Bains Marie?) can be improvised, as you no doubt know. Trying not to sound pedantic or condescending here, hope you don't take it that way ;-)
Not at all mate, any advise is greatly recieved. I have become what can only be called a skip licker, every where I go lately I've been on the scrounge, and to be fair have done pretty good so far. Will try free ads and gumtree tonight if I can pry the misses and kids off of facebook.

Many thanks
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