Hot Climate Walking Boots ?

Anyone recommend some hot climate trail walking b oots? , Im going to be walking in around 40degs , dry mountain tracks , I`d like some AKU Desert but they are a bit pricey at £160 , anything similar for under a £100?
I always worked on the less is good chain of though, not knowing what you're doing lets start with a sturdy pair of sandals. I did the two moors way in plimpsols and flipflops because I could and there was no one judging me for the week it took to do it.
One Pound of weight on your feet is the equivelent of 8 pounds on your shoulders so I was told.

Sorry, I'm probably not much help but, get some top draw water proof socks and lightweight boots then go conquer the world.
Merrell, The North Face and Salomon all do (or did) a hard-sole shoe with cut-out sides for hot weather walking. Trouble is, they keep changing their model lines, so you have to see what is currently available.

I use The North Face for walking in Spain and the Pamir mountains (both about 35-40oC right now). A reasonable boot is the Altama desert boot - the desert version of the original jungle boot. These are single-skin cordura with no padding, so are about the coolest boot available.

As W_B says, some of the better quality sandals are fine for most hot mountain walking.

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