Hot and cold plumbing

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cuddles, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. I have just had the pleasure of a good run out into the downstairs bathroom sink - it's handy for the office and the only person who uses it otherwise is my son who lives in the "Granny Flat".

    It occurs to me that normal people almost certainly do not behave like this but I almost always piss in the sink. Which is probably not grounds for a military disability pension but by the cracky it should be. Who else uses the wash-hand basin to ahem..."wash their hands" so to speak?

    Have you ever been caught at it by SWMBO? Or anyone else? Have foul and unnatural things come to pass because of your practice?

    Feel free to respond frankly, I am merely researching an article for the Currant bun entitled "Hero Harry's sink shame - as royal soldier uses wash hand basin for middle of the night run-out"; but too lazy to do any real investigative reporting.
  2. Ah ... a case of the room is not ensuite but does have a hot and cold flushing urinal!

    My hand is firmly raised SAH :wink:
  3. isn't that why they are called hot and cold running urinals?
  4. Why do I think Drain_Sniffer answering this question is funny?????

    I know, it's my sense of humour!

  5. I go to bed with an empty 2 litre bottle it fulfils several functions. (1) I can urinate into it without having to leave the comfort of my luxurious issue bed. (2) The warmth provided by sleeping with the bottle of urine enables me to nod back off quickly. (3) When I wake up with a dry throat I have a drink to hand to quench my thirst.

    What dirty bastard would piss in a sink!
  6. i suppose its better than gushing in the airing cupboard. 8O but i was slightly dazed and confused! :pissed:
  7. Is this not a product of Mess life, when it is just to far to walk late at night!
    My excuss anyway
  8. The inevitable consequence is to become accustomed to defaecating in the sink, too, which doesn't go down a bundle when you stay at your mate's place and he's hogging the shower room / loo. And, sometimes the washing-up jabs your bum if you are not careful.
  9. There are two types of squaddie, those that piss in the sink and those that lie. :D
  10. Various single accommodation blocks around the globe have been put to good use by me. All perfectly normal.

    I've stayed in the single rooms in the Union Jack club a number of times too and seem to remember them being well equiped for the middle of the night pressure relief.
  11. Better than my mates bunk door in Hong Kong many years ago!
  12. At my first BLESMA 'do', one of the lads (below knee amputee) was falliing over drunk by about 1 in the morning. A couple of us other raspberrys gathered him up and escorted him to his hotel room and put him to bed. Come morning, at breakfast, he arrived looking rather forelorn and sheepish. He eventually explained that at about 6 he had a bladder the size of a space hopper so needed to get up for the loo. So he sat up and thrust his leg into his upright prosthesis at the side of the bed ... only to displace the 2 kilos of vomit that he had deposited there before falling asleep!

  13. For years I usesd an old but intact empty swingfire warhead, Quick "Hit and miss" then out of the window (Not to bad 3 stories up in an old nazi block) However for all those years every company commader, even the C.O took that portable pot "What do you use this for? A fancy dress hat?" then went throught the motions of placing on ones napper. I've pi.ssed on lots of officers (From the 3rd person of course!)
  14. Where else!! also shampoo bottles in Nurses accom..........Salibury 90 -93
  15. As a woman reading ARRSE I find it enlightening, I learn something new every day. After reading this I'm never washing my face in the downstairs sink again! :omfg:

    Oh and another thing, I've realised left alone you either wanking, thinking about wanking or just recovered from wanking and then relieving yourself in downstairs sink!

    Cheers guys! :salut: