Hot Air Ballooning in Luxor

If they'd had any sense, they would have brought in Turkish advisors.....

I've had a few holidays in Turkey where the food was good, trips were good and set off punctually.

Hygiene was first class..... never had to rush to the bog to make sure a fart was only that, not something far, far worse.

Only Johnny Gyppoe would think it was a good idea to promote trips to a bedouin camp.... even pikies have better standards of hygiene.

My wife asked where to go for a little tinkle...... they pointed to a shed a 100 yards away.

She came back green.... there was a WC pan in there, not connected to anything, and full to the brim.

I don't think oral sex is a popular pastime in those communities.....
Egyptian emergency teams, arriving at the balloon crash within seconds of the local first responders, cannot understand why not one of the victims had remembered to take a camera, watch, any money or valuables.
The kids had some programme on a few years ago (Blue Peter, I think) in which Achmed was their guide for camel trips or something. The next day they went ballooning and Achmed rocked up in his pilot's uniform to drive the balloon.

Blue Peter presenter bloke "Where will we be landing, Achmed?"
Achmed (totally deadpan); "On the ground."

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