Hostilities between Russian secret services


The former head of the Soviet KGB [mr.Kryuchkov] warned on Wednesday that a conflict between rival Russian security services could lead to "big trouble" and urged feuding clans to unite around President Vladimir Putin.

Details have emerged of a feud between rival groups of secret service officers who form the bedrock of Putin's team. Observers warn it could split the ruling elite at a critical time when Putin is preparing to leave office.

The battle came to light this month after agents from the Federal Security Service (FSB), controlled by Nikolai Patrushev, arrested senior officers from the anti-drugs service, controlled by Viktor Cherkesov, for corruption and abuse of office.
Kryuchkov cited an open letter published by Cherkesov, one of his former KGB officers, who warned this month that infighting among the security services could undermine stability and herald a return the chaos of the 1990s.

Putin, who has scolded Cherkesov for making his views public, stepped in to ease the rivalries this month by boosting Cherkesov's power.
Meanwhile today Moscow city court confirmed that arrest of gen.Bulbov (from anti-drug service) was lawfull.

Both secret services accuse each other in corruption. And pres.Putin ... still doesn't comment the situation.
What's entertaining here is that nowadays they tend to fight each other in the courts as well as surreptitiously elsewhere. In the old days they'd simply have arranged for various accidents to happen. So much more rapid and effective, don't you think?

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