Hostile Participants by Miguel Miranda.

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Hostile Participants.

This book had me interested from the opening quote from Mark Twain. The first chapter by the author does not disappoint. I was immediately struck both by the vivid description and introduction of the main characters as much as by his setting the historical background accurately, interestingly but without making it feel like a lesson.

I knew nothing about this conflict or it’s causes other than that there HAD been a confrontation involving an American expeditionary force at this time. I am now far better informed.

The author creates a wonderful word picture of Manila and it’s surrounding countryside. In the early chapters I was struck by a very similar feel to books such as The Quiet American in its intrigues and characters, but with elements of the books of Earl Thompson in its portrayal of the members of the expeditionary force. A cast of blackguards and adventurers.

Freedom fighters, Generals, drunkards and spies all interweave to create a marvellous procession through the alleys, villages, and jungles of the Philippines. An excellent debut novel from Mr Miranda who has moved into the genre from a background of historical non fiction.


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Well, here's a lovely surprise @JINGO. Your review has been 'mentioned in dispatches' by the publisher as part of their publicity campaign for the book.

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'Miranda has done a spectacular job of humanizing all involved, and we would all do well to read his book.' Never Was

'This book had me interested from the opening quote from Mark Twain. The first chapter by the author does not disappoint ... An excellent debut novel'
The Army Rumour Service

'I hurriedly devoured this book and I can't wait to see what Mr Miranda does next. A truly unique voice.'
Reader's review

'A gripping and entertaining historical novel. A fine debut, packed with colourful characters'
Reader's review

'The author has a wonderful way with words that is as lean as his soldiers. He doesn’t relax the pace for a moment'
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Wow! How flattering. That’s brilliant. It is a genuinely good book but it’s the writing that stand out.

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