Hostile Environment Training

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by PointmanUK, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. Looking to get some advice on courses from anyone who has been on one that delivers. (Or the nod on companies to avoid!)

    I've used TASK before and they were good, but at the moment I'm looking at the ArmorGroup CP courses and their 'CONDO' stuff.

    Ronin in South Africa also come highly recommended from mates who have been as do Longmoor and from their write-ups there doesn't seem to be a great deal to choose between them.

    On the face of it, ArmorGroup are probably the better choice but given only limited financial resources I'd much rather make an informed decision than just letting their own blurb talk me into it :)

    Appreciate that this is a really open-ended question, but any and all advice gratefully received!
  2. Best training i got was outside the Black dog in Grantham at throwing out time now that was a hostile enviroment...........ok ill get my coat

    Happy trucking :bigsmurf:
  3. I'll drop Pilgrims Group a line and check them out - thanks for the pointer!

    Which of their courses did you do...I notice they do some HE ones out in the Middle East itself.

    PS: Yeah it does appear to be a necessary caveat when recommending companies to say you've not got a vested interest :D
  4. Good call - different venue, same result though! :eye: