Anyone seen it, I thought it was pretty mint.

Would have been a bit better with a few more deaths though.
seen it very gruesome expecially that Japanses girls eye being cut off, feckin hell even i cringed at that and those fingers scene, I was glad that the evil bsatard got his comeuppance in the end he even begged for mercy something he never gave hi svictim.

the Slovak Government weren't too happy abou tit tho as they felt it gave their country a bad name.
I thought it was a bit crap. a very slow start with not enough bush, and then just a collection of nasty ways to kill people.



War Hero
Most horror movies seem to have some kind of romantic twist involved, say a heroine or a beautiful girl being rescued. The Hostel seemed to go less along these line and more upon the lines "let’s see how much female flesh can get past the censors before it's classed as a porno movie."
I'm not saying that's a bad thing though :lol:

More deaths would have been nice though.

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