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Hostages taken in Paris bank robbery


Be interesting to see how this plays out if they don't surrender - will they bore them to death? Will GIGN go in after one body comes out? or go straight in? I know some people in the US have been quite vocal recently about "Immediate Action" so to speak, rather than entering into negotiation - or waiting to form a deliberate action plan of any kind - be interesting to see what the frogs do. Hope the hostages come out of it ok obviously.
Just checked the news, guess what? They surrendered- not the police this time but the crims. You would never believe it what with them being French.
smartascarrots said:
londonirish said:
anyone seen Killing Zoe?
If I had been, I'm sure they'd have arrested me by now.
no, they'd just have shot you, but in the fillum, she doesn't get kill't, and makes off with one of the wannabee bankrobbers.

Not a bad flick all in all, has that Spandau Ballet geezah, not the one in Eastenders, his bro, in it, but despite that, its good entertainment. 90's gangster chic, set in a bank in gay Paree
GIGN is not a group of fellows you want to have coming in after you... they are damned good with those .357 revolvers and have a penchant for tapping the cranal vault.

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