Hostages rescued in Somalia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by destroyer, Jan 25, 2012.

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  1. Good Guys = 9 :) Pirates = Nil

    Good score :)
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  2. You forgot:

    1 x yank chick with arse now like sleeve of wizard saved.
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  3. Seal team 6 strike again?
  4. "The raid was a pressing issue because the hostages had a disease".

    That'll be the AIDS then.

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  5. I wonder what provision has been made for the other 150 hostages, It's nice that some have been rescued but I think the lot of those remaining will be much worse. They should just level the ****ing place last I saw the only export Somalia provides is illegal immigrants so no one would miss it.
  6. Beat me to it!
  7. If her arse is like a wizards sleeve, sounds like I have beaten all of you!!!:thumright:
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  8. Rescue credited to Seal Team 6 ( or whatever they are called now ) by BBC. Better than usual drills for US ops- covert insertion (HALO) rather than arriving in big noisy helo and waking every ****** before hostages are located and secured.
  9. ha ha ha ........ That made I chuckle. :)
  10. Well done chaps, they don't like it up them do they....
  11. Bravo Zulu Seals!!
  12. And not a single helicopter a smoking wreckage? How odd...

    On a serious note, will this open the gates to more hostage rescue raids, by US or other SF in the region?
  13. Rather bad form IMHO since this is not the NAAFI---it seems we are unable to overcome our nationalistic prejudices to congratulate those from either of our special forces who have a successful op---or even where they tried and failed.

    While many of us here and more broadly may fancy that we could do better, the reality is we were not there with the boys in black. To be clear, however, as I have questioned events prior to an op in terms of planning, equipping etc. as in Bravo 20, once the op goes hot I for one will not criticize, must less ridicule, those standing in the breech--especially from the safety of sitting behind my computer.
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