Hostage rescue Russian style.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by petergriffen, Mar 20, 2010.

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  1. What have the feckers done to the outrage bus!!!!
    No wonder we can't get it out any more :x 8O
  2. Bugger me!

    They are not shy when it comes to using an explosive charge on the windows are they?

    I would imagine that the hostages inside have just experienced a rather unpleasent sledgehammer effect to the eardrums right then.
  3. Had to watch that fella get blown up at least 6 times and still chuckling.
  4. Thanks for rescuing me.


  5. Somebody should tell him (Michael Cain style) He's only supposed to blow the bloody doors off 8O
  6. Having seen the 'explosive entry technique' at the 13 second point I would like to state here and now, I don't want to be rescued. Leave me with the hostage takers..... it's safer.

    Seems to demonstrate the follies of getting chosen to carry the Petard on a 19th Century assault. I bet he didn't volunteer for that detail..... or if he did, I bet he didn't rig his own charge. Some other 'let's make it spectacular for the public' merchant did, and then made sure he was nowhere near it.
  7. They're not shy when using deadly gas on the hostages either.
  8. That was fucking awesome.

    The funniest part for me was watching the bus rock as EMOE Man sprints towards it with his bang stick. If the occupants were volunteers then they must be fucking mad, because they sure as hell knew what was about to happen to them.
  9. Russian SF Soldier "Oh mighty Emperor Mong, surely the explosive charge in these new stun grenades is far too large to be used in the confines of a small bus"

    EM "Silence, tie it to the top of your hoolie bar and scop it through the bus window, the resulting blast will be such as to incapacitate the Xrays without risking death, serious injury and deafness to yourself"


    Russian SF soldier "For fucks sake!!!!"

    EM "Mwwaaahhhh"
  10. Haha, that magic explosive stick was hilarious.
  11. Stopping the bus with the BTR could also prove tricky if the driver decided he did'nt want to drive through a big field and instead remained on the erm... road.
  12. where did the Bang stick bloke go ?
  13. Rescue? You mean kill everyone involved?!!?
  14. Watch again, about 5 meters to the right face first on the floor, then he gets up. Talk about getting the shite job.