Hospital ward over run with war casualties

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_boy_syrup, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    After the excellent documentry on BBC 1 about Selly Oak the Sun is running this story

    Reinforces the nead for a new large Military Hospital

    EMERGENCY military medical staff have been rushed to an NHS hospital unable to cope with a torrent of casualties from Afghanistan.
    The bloody summer onslaught has also left Selly Oak Hospital's military ward with fewer than HALF the beds it needs for all the wounded there.

    Despite Ministry of Defence assurances, casualties are being farmed out to civilian wards all over Birmingham. The drastic measures cast fresh doubt on ministers' promises that the resources scandal that dogged Selly Oak three years ago has been fixed.

    The urgent nationwide call-out for 23 more forces critical care staff went out in mid-August. They include six intensive care nurses, four scrub nurses, ten surgeons' assistants, two anaesthetists and a burns expert.

    Selly Oak Hospital - home to the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine where all war wounded are now sent - has had to treat record numbers in recent months, new statistics released yesterday reveal.

    A total of 144 Brit Afghan War injured were cared for there in August - 97 as in-patients. In July, 160 came through the doors - 111 as in-patients.

    But there are only 34 bed spaces in Selly Oak's "S4", the only dedicated military ward in the country.

    Generals have insisted it is vital for traumatised troops to be treated on all-military wards.

    The number of wounded being flown to Selly Oak from Afghanistan has quadrupled since two years ago. In autumn 2007, there were an average of 25 patients a month arriving.

    To compensate for the overflow, forces medical bosses try to see wounded in beds elsewhere as much as possible, said RCDM Commandant Brig Chris Parker.

    An MoD spokesman said: "Our casualties are treated in the most appropriate clinical facilities and benefit from a very high standard of care at five hospitals, including Selly Oak, in the Birmingham area."

    Meanwhile, it emerged last night that three more young soldiers - two aged just 18 - have had three limbs blown off since June. Until the recent onslaught, there had only been two triple amputees from fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan in eight years.

    All three are still receiving treatment at Selly Oak
  2. the games up.
    you cant get specialist nurses ,as no one can get on the stooopid courses to say they can do the work.
    in the midst of times gone past you got internal training.
    now its enb this,and nmc that.
    sod it.
    anyway the pay is still rubbish in the army.
    redmenace was a lowly captain.
    now out and paid same as a brigadier!
    match that UK and MOD-thought not.
    so no courses.
    low pay.
    folk shooting at you in a heartland of islamic culture-ie birmingham.
    no thanks say the masses.
  3. Watched this programme and it was inspiring - both the efforts of the medical staff and the bravery of the soldiers. No matter what Joe Civvies views on the rights or wrongs of the conflict, this portrayal of the human cost puts it inot a sobering perspective.
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Perhaps a Tory Goverment will correct their descision to close the military hospitals in the 90's*

    *Ashie / Whet / Sven you can have a lie in I've blamed the Tories for you
  5. What you need to understand is....

    BMHs would not be the answer to this problem. The military casualties can be treated in civvie hosptials in a much more effieicent manner, by competant people and there will never be a shortage of beds.

    It simpley wasn't good economics to keep open empty beds in BMH for a possibly surge in casualties.

    the liarbour party led by/or chancellored by gordo the grate told us so.

    34 beds is perfectly adequate, now someone breif the boys out in Afghan that they need to stop getting blown up and shot so often.

    I do wish you'd all "get on message".
  6. I have joined in as well.

    Tory 'Stupid Actions':

    1. Bugger Up Military Medical Services and Military Married Quarters.
    2. Privatise Water Supply.
    3. Lose three elections to a vacuous grinning spiv!
  7. Only 39 years to go in this war, time to re-think medical capability?

    Humbled by last night's program.

    Both staff and patient equally committed to the cause. For God's sake make sure they have the resources.

    We owe them...........
  8. Cow

    Cow LE

    I agree and have done all along. You need medical staff whos skills are constantly tested and renewed/updated. Military wards in multipul hospitals located around the country. A few well chosen geographical locations (south, midlands and north) with the range of staff that can treat the injuries we see would be more cost affective and efficient than a single Mil Hospital. I'd love to see a Mil Hospital but can't see the justification for it.
  9. We dont just have 34 beds!!! This report is wrong and pure bulls**t. We have the whole hospital and Soldiers are placed where clincially is best for them. The 34 beds are in one ward and this is used for most of Military patients but if we have more patients then we place them in the ward next door. The Military bubble effect we place around each and every soldier will happen regaurdless of ward they are admitted too.

    Dont always believe everything you read!!!!1
  10. CMH still sat empty here in Aldershot but they won't even consider reopening it.....will they?
  11. This government won't do anything that makes sense
  12. I wonder where the "Don't worry, it's all in hand" statement from whichever muppet runs the Military Medical Services, is.

    I'm thinking about opening a book on the precise date in the not too distant future when some talking head says "We didn't get it quite right vis medical & phsycological trauma, but it is now a priority waffle, bleat,... it was someone elses fault..." or words to that effect.