Hospital sends war hero, 101, home to die wearing a nappy..

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunami, Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. Typical of the modern world, however, I would ask, where were his loving caring and angered family while he was in the hospital and taxi?

    Surely you would go to pick up your 101 year old father?
  2. What has 'This country' got to do with it?

    This is happening up and down the Country to lots of people with far less an illustrious history than the late Brig. Platt.

    This Country is always worth it, and will always be worth it. Some of the individuals and Health trusts within it however , in the past have proven not.

    Is there any other reason this was done, other than to save Money/PCH? Or did Brig. Platt summon the last of his strength to let it be known he wished to die at home?

    ..and how does it take an hour to get from Salisbury to Morpeth?
  3. "Some aspects of Brig Platt’s discharge from hospital in 2006 were unacceptable....."

    Putting aside the immediate urge to remove all of the front teeth of the "spokesperson", this sickening story is maybe two years old.

    What has prompted it to surface only now?
  4. I have to agree with you Gren, the family should have raised these issues prior to discharge not after. I kind of get the impression that they didnt visit either because of the soiled clothes in a bag in the locker, relatives would normally bring fresh in and take dirties away for washing.

    oh, and an hour from salisbury to morpeth?
  5. Not if he'd just shat himself!! Bloody right you'd throw him a taxi!
  6. Are his family about to sue the Trust?

    I thought Hospital SOP's were to inform the NOK that the patient is about to be discharged?
  7. Given his age I would assume that his daughter-in-law would be in her late 70s early 80s herself & even if she was aware of him being discharged, I doubt she was in a position to help him anyway.
  8. Would being driven from Salisbury District Hospital to Northumberland in just one hour not cause anyone to sh1t themself? :omg:
    (Or have I got the wrong end of the stick? :oops: )


    No, his oldest offspring would have been 66.

    There's a large chink missing from this narrative. I'm all in favour of lambasting those that treat our veterans callously , but what are the actual facts here? Brig. Platt was based in Wiltshire, where does Northumberland come into it?
  10. "His case came to light as Nial Dickson, chief executive of the health thinktank the King's Fund, warned of a deterioration of compassion from under-pressure staff in NHS hospitals."

    A fuller story;
  12. So, sloppy journalism from the Mail. Quelle surprise :roll:

    I have my own views on whacking parents into Care Homes, then shouting the odds.

    Suffice to say my mother is never going into one, no matter what it takes.
  13. Having experienced this hospitals sloppiness first hand and their complete neglect of patients this comes as no surprise. They really dont care when you complain either yet wonder why people sue.

    And PTP, I fully agree with you ref care homes.
  14. just as another point of view, my Nan was sent to a rest home to recuperate following a fall and she really REALLY didn't want to go home. She lived in a bungalow with my uncle, but had no company during the day, needed help getting in and out of bed etc. Being in the home she had the company of people she'd known in her heyday, was looked after wonderfully and was totally gutted when she was deemed ready to go home. Not all homes are created equal. She died on saturday, peacefully, but never stopped rabbiting on about how lovely it was in the home.