Hospital fined for fast treatment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TopBadger, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. In comedy, there is an old trick called "The Reversal" by which ordinary events are turned around in a comical and ludicrous manner.

    This trick is being played on our entire country, criminals are seen as victims, people defending their homes are arrested. The concepts of right and wrong being banned from school. Law abiding, tax paying citizens are constantly persecuted whilst the dregs of society are given Carte Blanche... and now a Hospital is punished for doing its job of treating the sick.. To coin a phrase..

    You couldn't make it up...

    I dread to think what Bliars punch line is to this joke.
  2. I'm not going?
  3. Now that would be a sick joke... :cry:
  4. The usual Stalinist cr#p. You have to reach Targets, but can't exceed them as it mucks up the tables and % for all the other trusts. Spoils the bean counters day! :wink:
  5. I should be surprised, at least I should if it was anyone else in charge of the whole stinking mess.

    BLiar policies are all over the place, his cronies have more sleaze than the tories ever did without the grace and common decency to walk when they get caught, and he says his party stand up for the workers when they crap on everyone with equal malice with a total disregard for political alliegence.... that is of cours until it comes to Prescott, who can do whatever he likes, spout as much krap as he likes and still stand by BLiar telling us what's white is black and black is white as if we are all uneducated idiots.

    It stinks to the core and they are all, lead by BLiar, bringing the whole country and everything it has ever held dear to it' knees.
  6. I'll tell you something that's more mental. The hospital mentioned in the article has been quietly refusing to treat cancer patients due to 'insufficient resources'.

    Meanwhile, they do have resources to fund The Moller Project. Among, other things, this worthy endeavour pays for 'outreach workers' to visit 'public sex environments' and 'cruising grounds' (i.e. public toilets) to dish out free **** lubricant.

    There's also free legal advice for blokes arrested in toilets, a free 'cruising guide' and separate support groups for gay married men and their wives ('cos we're all gay you know - even those of us who don't realise it). Oh - and lets not forget the free copies of 'The Pink Paper', complete with ads for hard core porn, for anybody in the hospital who wants one. Just help yourself from one of the many piles lying around the hospital.

    In fact, the Moller Project is so flush with funding that they've recently been able to extend their remit to 'transgender support'. New employee 'Vicky' (known as Victor when applying for benefits) and his/her/its partner Tracy will provide advice on hair removal and where to buy size 12 stilletoes - all funded by a hospital that's so strapped for cash they had to close 10% of their beds and refuse treatment to people who turn up at A&E with serious illnesses.