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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by RTFQ, Apr 11, 2005.

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  1. RTFQ


    Just watched a piece on the ridiculously awful ITV News explaining how more people die from deep veined thrombosis (easily the rudest sounding ailment) contracted whilst in hospital than MRSA, AIDS, breast cancer and RTA's COMBINED

    Seems like a hell of a statement to make - especially compared to the number of road accident fatalities - does this correspond with this forum's experience, or is it (say it isn't so!) more electioneering by the powers behind the TV?
  2. serves you right for watching the shabby tat they serve up on the itv news channel ... i gave up on it after being asked to phone in with my opinions on the news 4 times in 2 hours .... i want to be told what's happening , not asked my f-cking opinion on it ... i can go down the pub to do that.

    i dont know for sure RTFQ ... but it sounds like a lot of shoite to me.
  3. Surgery by its very nature is dangerous and has a certain risk. The body when cut, can have bits of tissue and blood clots detach themselves and float around the body, causing clots to appear in a variety of the bodies organs. DVTs (deep vein thrombosis) is the less likely of these to cause death, it is a clot in the veins of the leg or deep veins in muscle! The ones to watch are Pulmonary Embolisms (PEs) or even Miocardial Infarctions (heart attacks) brought about by clots.

    For the news to state that DVTs cause more death is probably speculation by some arrse of a Professor trying to make a name for him/herself :roll:

    However if you do go on a long haul flight, drink rat posion.... :wink:
  4. But in these figures have the statisticians included the amount people who suffer from a DVT because they stick filthy dirty needles into their veins which are attached to syringes of what they think is grade 1 heroin, when really it's brick dust and flour sold as heroin, which oddly enough, as we all learned at school, makes good glue and increases the risk of the aforementioned DVT.
  5. The thing about DVT is that is goes un-noticed and undetected as it can be without symptoms. Any good trained nurse knows that passive lower limb exercise is an aide to receovery and prevention of further complications. Sack every nurse that does not comply!
  6. There's a shock this forum talking about medical matters.
  7. Will not last for long though :wink:
  8. I suppose we could get onto shagging at the QE. It seems to be where most threads end!!
  9. So what you are saying is its the clots that are deadly ?

    See my problem is this placed is staffed almost entirley by clots. Does that mean I am in mortal danger ???
  10. professionally, yes.

    Nurses at the QE never got DVTs, their legs got so much exercise being lifted behind their ears so often!! (there you go Medman, I give you.....the QE!!)
  11. Although I am not working as a nurse any longer in my 20+ years experence of working in different military and nhs wards I have never personally cared for anybody who has died of a DVT (or anything similar such as Pulmonary Emboli), although I looked after plenty who died from cancer or RTAs. Either things have deteriorated dramatically in the past 3 years since I have stopped nursing or these figures have been totally fabricated. The only other explanation I can give is that many heart attacks and strokes are actually caused by clots in either the heart or brain. However in the vast majority of cases the stroke or heart attack occurs before they come to the hospital, although they may later die in hospital because of it. Not necassarily the hospital's fault though.
  12. The nurses at the QE never got DVT's Because they were busy getting CMT's. Oh how I love this site..
  13. and OTT's
  14. but not often lab tech's or what's they're new recruiting policy name "biomedical scientists" test tube twiddlers.
  15. Or testicle twidlers?