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Hospital attack


Book Reviewer
I am so angry i just want to share it with everyone, i am in an unfortunate situation that has required me to be admitted to hospital 20 times in the last year, its not my health i wanna harp on about but what goes on in the hospitals a few examples; being treated in casualty for a mi and having the curtain yanked back to find 3 coppers pointing guns at you shouting at you to lay down( not easy when in the middle of a heart attack) only for the cops to get the wrong cubicle, the villain was in the next one to me.
Having a bottle of piss poured over your head while sleeping from a guy with a brain tumour, you cant blame him he is unaware of his actions.
But the one that has really got me mad, i was in the heart hospital last week, i had just had an ablation which requires entry via the arteries in your groin and wrist, anyway i am laying in bed not able to move when i hear a commotion in the corridor with shouts of im gonna slap you and the sound of running feet, a patient with anger issues decided to chase the night nurses down the corridor and off the ward, he then spots the light on at my bed and decides to have a pop at me, im not allowed to even sit up and i have some neanderthall twat trying to punch me in my bed, i managed to get his wrist in a lock give him a quick slap and he backs off phew thinks me that could off been bad,not knowing it actually was while pushing the twat away i had opened the entry site to my groin resulting in an arterial bleed but was totally unaware, the nurses were to scared to come back on the ward and i am now laying in a pool of blood thinking how hot it was and that im sweating, anyway the staff and security come back to see where the nutjob is, and all the time im talking to them unaware that i have already lost over a pint of blood its only when i started to feel dizzy that it dawned on me something was wrong. To cut a long story short i got sorted out and this guy had security with him all night, the problem is that it should not of happened lives were put at risk ( mine ) and i had patients from other bays hiding behind the next bed.
We all hear of attacks on nhs staff and so on but sometimes the patients are at risk too, im not going anywhere with this thread just pointing out how pissed off i am especially since i didnt even get an apology from the hospital.

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