Hospital admissions linked to alcohol double since 1995

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by angular, May 22, 2008.

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  2. Well, it could be that everyone's drinking more or it could be that they're just rushing to hospital where before they'd have avoided the stigma of being labelled alcoholics. It's a disease nowadays, doncherno, not a weakness of character. And it can't be their own fault 'coz all the slebs have the same one innit?
  3. i was there last week with a fooked knuckle due to drunkeness...will this be included in said figures!?
  4. I was there with an injured erm, client, last week. Do I count?
  5. Just to clarify and qualify, I wasn't peshed then but I am now :D
  6. All the publicity about this is because they've managed to crush the smokers in the country. The boozers are next. It won't be long till you have to have a licence to drink in a pub. You have been warned.
  7. And who cares? Not me, I don't have hangovers, I just stay drunk :wink:
  8. They are already trying to ban cheap supermarket booze, not enough tax on it I s'pose.
  9. Lets face it the small price rise on cheap drink is feck all to do with our health and more to do with making money for the govn.

    Oh no, my 99p cider is now 1.20 thats going to stop all the chavs and alcos drinking isnt it...............

  10. Fat people will be up against the wall first

    'Yeeeeaaaahhhh! I've got a six pack of pork pies in my fridge and a 4 pint jug of full fat milk.COME AND GET ME FOOD COPPER!!'
  11. It was the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers and g'den broon who first piped up about banning cheap supermarket booze, obviously whilst people are sitting arpund a barbacue drinking cheap lager they arn't in pubs indirectly paying large amounts of tax.

    probably this is to combat the 5-15% estimated loss in pub revenue since the smoking ban, but that's just me being cynical again.
  12. Isnt the tax duty on alcohol the same in pubs as it is in supermarkets :? Its just that supermarkets have A: differant overheads, B: Have massive buying power and C: Use alcohol as loss leaders.
  13. I posted a report that showed that middle class families were most at danger of their health failing due to drinking last October. Apparently 1 large glass a day is more harmful than binging at the weekend.