Hosepipe Ban in NW

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by box-of-frogs, Jul 7, 2010.

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  1. Just heard that the NW of England is getting a hosepipe ban. Will post a linky later but have to dash to the O Gp in a minute. How the chuff can the wettest area in England have a ban in place? What are they doing with it!?
  2. No idea. It's pi****g down in Preston this morning. Mind you. the rasberrys need it!
  3. I wonder if we will get a reduction in our water rates,or if the bosses of United Utilities will have their bonuses reduced?

    I have just slapped myself for being so stupid!!!!!
  4. I just only yesterday fixed my outside tap.
  5. A private firm can impose a ban and get you fined if you ignore it?

    Is there some legislation in place that allows for this or do they have to take you to court first?
  6. Double post- I blame the colour scheme!
  7. Sorry guys, I have it all.

    After a few months of lowish pressure, pressure went up last Wednesday, leak; new leak 12 yards away Thurs, mended, new Leak Thu night, 10 yards the other way from the first, mended, etc etc. Suffice it to say it is passing my driveway again this morning.

    I shall be using a Searider to pick my raspberries!
  8. The water has probably been sold to the south so that the leafy suburbs of Berkshire and Bucks remain green and pleasant.......
  9. You think you got problems, here on the darling downs ,country queensland we are not connected to town water we rely on rain water, the sewage and grey water goes into an underground cesspit, we are not connected to the council water or sewage in anyway, but we still get charged 550 pounds a year for water usage, we asked to be connected so we could get what we are paying for, our areawill not be connected up for the next 5 years but we still have to pay
  10. I live in the area that is affected seems really weird as most of the lakes and reservoirs round here supply manchester and surrounding areas but they have not got the ban so god knows
  11. Hosepipe ban, mumble mumble, Driest period since the 1920s, mutter mutter, then why did my grandson and I get a good dousing at 1550 this afternoon in Chester, mumble grumble, I blame Broon.
  12. No doubt you English ******* will be out to drown another Welsh valley, you never connected the last one up to Liverpool btw! Dozy *******. Cofiwch Dryweryn!
  13. Why dont they build a dam at Rhydfelin, sort all treforest and Ponty,s problems out!!
  14. Bloody wet stuff! It falls out of the sky for free and there still isn't enough to go round?