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These are two mischievous little bush piglets who were found alone in our game park. They were very young when found by our eagle-eyed scouts and bought into the Nursery. We suspect the bush pig family had been in the game park and then were startled and fled, leaving these two youngsters behind.

Freddy was the runt of the litter and Frank was slightly bigger than his brother. They are being hand raised by Catherine and Roxy, but spend the days together rooting for grubs and goodies around the Nursery.

Both are doing exceptionally well and cause much hilarity as well as mayhem with the other orphans in our care. They cuddle up to Daisy, the buffalo when they want a snooze or some warmth. They climb all over Beatrix, playing hide and seek. They trip us up as they race around our legs and Freddie even rides the mobility scooter with Roxy.

They are growing well, eating voraciously and keep us all entertained! Perhaps one day they will be able to re-join their own family.

Bushpigs are remarkably intelligent and interesting animals. Sadly, they are treated by many as vermin or food. However, they are part of the ecosystem and have their own role to play, in the wild.

Folk will have to press/click the "Watch on Facebook" link to view on facebook . . .

I love the idea that these babies, know, understand and appreciate the concept of "Bed Time" . . .



I've known about this practice for years but seeing it makes the soppy animal lover inside me a bit upset.

I know why it's done but I'm glad I hate milk and therefore don't drink it.


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