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You may have noticed some social media silence over the last few days. That’s because all the team have been working around the clock to support a sudden surge of babies.
Discovered and rescued by the SANParks team during a routine operation in the Kruger, our latest arrival was just 12 hours old when she was admitted on Thursday afternoon. Unable to stand, her umbilical cord was still attached. She is incredibly weak and extremely vulnerable.
This little calf is being fed hourly around the clock. At this stage the team work in shifts to ensure there is always a caregiver by her side.
We have an extremely long road ahead but every rhino matters. Dedication, commitment and passion. Please keep her close in your hearts as Petronel and the Care for Wild team work to stabilise this tiny rhino.
A special thank you to the SANParks team, Veterinarian Dr Peter Buss, Section Ranger Neels van Wyk, and Pilot Jack for retrieving this calf so rapidly.



Published by: International Animal Rescue, on Tuesday 11 Jamuary 2022.

Who remembers Dio? This sweet orangutan’s life was turned around following a rescue in 2014 by the BKSDA from the illegal pet trade. After receiving several years’ worth of love and care at the IAR Indonesia orangutan rehabilitation centre, he learned all the necessary skills to survive in the wild and was released by the BKSDA in 2018 with several other orangutans.

Dio’s amazing recovery is just an example of what your amazing donations can help the staff at IAR Indonesia achieve! From chains to trees, you support every step of the way and we are forever grateful to all of you!

A click on the link/photo below, will take you to a series of other related photos.



Sort of on topic. I laugh more every time I see it

That was brilliant. I used to love it round about Christmas times when there would be a Disney time show with experts from the various classics, Pooh, Aristocats, Bambi, Jungle Book and many others. Not popular these days but Kipling was a genius. The world will be so much poorer if his literature is cancelled.

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