Horses, Cars and Roads.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. Perhaps someone could help with this.

    Have just watched an advert where there are two horses being riden side by side along a road. The car driver/car is then shown in various aggressive/impatient/impolite situations with horns being bipped, engine over reved and the car getting too close to the horses. It can't actually get past because the road is windy and slightly narrow, with no pavements.

    Obviously cars are bad.


    The horses are being riden side by side, surely on a road (especially a narrower one) the horses should be ridden in single file?

    So the reason the car can't get past, is the horse riders fault.

    The car driver is shown as bad, but the riders are doing wrong in the first place, surely a road safety advert should show how to ride properly on the road before having a pop at drivers?
  2. It depends on the horse. A young inexperienced horse normally has an older experienced one on the outside. There are a few reasons for riding side by side.

  3. *scratches head and searches memory* two abreast unless coming to a bend or narrowing in the road? Two abreast if the a rider is inexperienced.

    Doesn't the Highway Code apply etc, can't remember what the BHS say.....

  5. do horse riders pay road tax?

    No...... but i do, get your horse out of the way....................
  6. What's the rush? Why can't you chill and drive slowly behind the horses at a safe distance until the riders reach a point in the road where you can be indicated to pass? Is that too much to ask?
  7. i actually do, i dip my clutch and coast by horses so as not to scare them, esp if im on the bike.

    what i do disagree with, is the side by side blocking the road and the pompous horse riders who seem to think they own it.

    the bold highlights ur obviously one of them??
  8. Then ArmySyrplusSpecial, you're a real considerate fellow road user. Horses are ridden side by side on some roads (and I know cos I've had to do it) to enable the riders and horses to be seen by half-blind car drivers (and I drive a car and a bike too). Predominately they are ridden that way if one horse is a bit skittish.

    On several occassions, despite wearing bright coloured clothing, and stuff that is fluorescent, car drivers have come to a skidding halt, normally on the approach to a bend, then shout out the window that they couldn't see me. Really? How big does something have to be on the road to be seen? Would an oil tanker grab your attention? How about a kid on a bike?????

    If you can't see a full ton of horse flesh with a rider perched on top on a clear day then you a danger to yourself and other people. You should take up walking in that case or get your eyes tested.

    In the end it boils down to manners and consideration for other people.
  9. Anyone ever seen a horse rider clean up the vast amount of crap those beasts drop on the roads??
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Nags were ther first I have yet to see a car driver clean up al the polution they produce. The law is similar for cyclists, they are allowed regardless of the width of the road to ride side by side, only moving into single file if a car approaches. I no longer ride, gave that up in Omagh. I cant abide the cant see you so I'm in the right attitude of some car drivers. The highway code is clear that you must be able to stop your vehicle in the distance that you can see. A solictor told me that! So approaching a bend in a rural or semi rural area slow down, If you're going to be late then operhaps you should admin yourself a bit better. Remember a horse will trash a car and you're dead for a long time! No road user has the right to recklessly endanger others! Your driving license isssued on the basis that you will obey the laws having demonstrated an understanding and a minimum ability to do so at the test centre. I couldnt live with the fact that I had killed someone by my own stupidity and negligence. Could you?
  11. i actually agree with u, and it is a valid point, they should be able to be seen easily. the type of roads (ie blind bends on small country roads) must add to the danger, and i can see why it must be quite annoying when people are aggressive.

    like ive said, i dont fall into this catagory, but i do see quite often, horse riders who seem to think they own the road and make gestures towards you even if you have been polite and couteous. maybe they should think twice about taking a horse on public roads who is easily spooked??
  12. Was thinking that myself ArmySurplusSpecial, and just to add I used to ride quite often, my sister still does.

    If the horse is skittish then you should carry out some training to familiarise them with cars and traffic, or not go on the road. Same detail for inexperienced riders, get them in a ring going from G to K for a bit and get them experienced. In my home village I have followed horses slowly for ages along a straight road, because I can't get past and they wont get in single line. Only to be signalled past later like I am a piece of sh1t.

    As for their dung, spot on. You can get fined £100 for just a little bit of dog toffee, yet a horse can off load tons of the stinking stuff and the rider gets away with.

    I seem to remember, though, when I rode we stayed in single file on roads.
  13. Well I never - I thought they just sold clothes and other household tat!

    Sorry Minx couldn't resist. Coat's on :D
  14. lots of horse riders round sbp towers. can be split in 2 types:

    those in jodhpurs worth waiting to over take, especially when doing a rising trot :oops:

    those so large that passing while doing a rising trot is dangerous for side windows. 8O

    unfortunately the majority who smile and say thanks in an enticing way are the latter :(
  15. My bold.
    Unfortunately sometimes we have to go on the roads to get to fields/paddocks etc. We're not allowed to ride everywhere there is green grass, we have to obey to bridleway paths and trespassing laws too. So we can't just wind along any old field.

    Two abreast riding is a must with young horses/riders - in short it is just safer when on the roads. We have to familiarise horses with the roads like guide dogs have to learn to use the underground. It's not a natural habitat but it has to be done.
    Same goes for safety on tight corners and such, or in poor conditions. I have been out on roads before where we've been asked to keep visable by riding in pairs. Letting the oncoming drivers see two sets of hi-vis vests, rather than maybe missing seeing one. There are an incredible amount of reasons for and against it.

    But I doubt you have ever been stuck behind horses for more then 10 or 15 mins. It's like being stuck behind a tractor or something, however, most of us signal for you to past at the first opportunity since we don't like having drivers behind the horses anyway.

    It's just one of those things, a catch 22 situation. If you know horses are on the route you usually take, leave earlier!!!

    And don't tell me you chaps haven't perved at our bottoms and thighs before! ;-)

    P.S I don't think anyone has complained about the Blues & Royals or Lifeguards riding in pairs along major roads!!!!!!!!