Horsefly bites

Yet so tasty crumbed and deep fried.

Just kidding. Battered is better.
Spent many hours on Telic 1/2 trying to anaesthetise camel spiders in order to facilitate our radiographer who wanted to see if it was possible to x ray one (apparently technically challenging as given the size, and the fact that they are "crunchier" on the outside than the inside, in contrast to people, needed some complex calculations and fine tuning of the x ray machine).

"euthanized" a few with overdoses of vapour from a homemade "Schimmelbusch hood" ( water bottle with the bottom cut off and gauze stuffed in the top) before we finally managed a successful anaesthetic. The camel spider recovered and survived long enough to subsequently go several rounds in the medics camel spider vs scorpion challenge.
Just to add to the comments, based on years of trying to keep flies off cows, horses and myself - followed by fending off angry bees when I cock up my beekeeping techniques.

IMHO Anthisan and and other antihistamine creams are useless homeopathic remedies. Take the tablets. If I am going to wrestle with an angry hive I take one in advance!

DEET and DEEP are the best to keep the bugs at bay, but will dissolve any plastic known to man - phone covers and sunspecs particularly.

Wasp Eze is a good combination of anaesthetic and bactericide, not persuaded of the antihistamine. The grease was much better than the spray and cheaper - so they discontinued it!

All these bugs have filthy mouthparts so denaturing weird proteins/bacteria is the way to go. Bee venom is mainly peptides (Melittin) so that needs to be denatured too

I use "Afterbite"


Seems to be just a solution of ammonia in a rub on pen - but works on bee stings and does some good to horsefly and mossie bites. Presumably working on the same theory as the hot spoon, but easier to stick in your kit. Probably acts as a general surface disinfectant as well


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The venom is protein based and can be broken down by causing it to coagulate when heated. Spoon held in a mug of just boiled water until hot then applied to the spot causes mozzie bites to stop itching almost immediately, although it does smart a bit for a second or two. Horsefly bites may take a couple of seconds more due to the volume of venom.
I thought this was a wind up but have just tried it. How have I gone 50 years without knowing this. Worked brilliantly.
Apparently stonefish, scorpionfish and other marine venom can be denatured by soaking the limb in near boiling water as hot as you can handle. Figured it was worth a try to get rid of bloody irritating mozzie bites itching. Works pretty well.

Also saved me scratching my ankles raw and subsequent infections.

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