Horsefly bites

This horse fly bite ended up with the dreaded red line running up the inside of my arm earlier this year & a subsequent course of antibiotics.

Apparently the buggers really like the hot weather, as Finland's been plagued with more of them than anyone can remember, with the flipside being dried up pools & thus a massive drop in the number of mozzies.
I think I'd prefer the mozzies...
Sleep with a fan on to keep the air circulating. Makes it trickier for them to find you and they have shit crosswind landing technique.

If you have aircon, run it cold and sleep under a duvet. Cold fucks the little bastards.
Back in 2011 I was staying with a mate in eastern TX & every night getting bitten by mozzies whilst asleep.
Found out the bastards were coming in through the air conditioning duct as the unit's bug screen had a small tear in it.
Aaaargh they smart.

One of the b*stards bit my todger recently ( see below); lots of quite painful swelling requiring both Anthistan and Piriton stuff.

Anyone have any other treatment tips?

Ignore all other advice.

Prepare to meet thy maker

That's my wife's advice BTW - prescribing nurse and all that

I'm nevertheless interested in all the pro-tea tree oil commentary.

I shall take my bottle of same to Turkey when I goes a holidayin'
@Bravo_Bravo do I get to see your cock or not? Stop wasting my time. If it's a no I will go to bed
While we're at this, anyone got a good recommendation for insect repellant in general, but with a slant to mossies? Because of the humidity down town I'm camping out alot at the mo..I have a supermarket-bought anti-mossie spray but it is pretty ineffective...I have been pondering sending a letter to the manufacturer asking if they have enough confidence in their product to use it and enter a room containing 1000 mosquitoes, all harbouring the cerbral strain of malaria ( kills in a matter of hours...just enough time to write your will and have a last few, no.)
Johnson's (f'nar) 'OFF!'

Backwoods variety, if you can get it.

Repels Canadian mozzies the size of a JU-52, with the same fanatical devotion to duty as the Herman Falschirmjaeger
I recently noticed a big old bruise on the inside of my lower leg, just above the ankle. I couldn’t remember clouting it but assumed I must’ve done at some point. The thing went properly purple and yellow and it itched considerably. I noticed it had a lump in the middle. A month later I can still feel the lump- which is gradually shrinking- although the discolouration has gone.
I was told it was a Blandford Fly bite and might’ve been quite serious. Obviously I didn’t apply tea tree, seek medical attention, take photos or post on here about it as I am not a big girly fanny.
This is not to cast aspersions on BB’s manliness, although looking at the pic in the OP, he does have a nicely shaved snatch (top right).
Aaaargh they smart.

One of the b*stards bit my todger recently ( see below); lots of quite painful swelling requiring both Anthistan and Piriton stuff.

Anyone have any other treatment tips?

When you go to the doctor I suggest you prioritise that serious right-angle bend in your todger, Anthistan and Piriton will not help with that. You sure you were not bitten by a Black mamba for such elephantine swelling?
The tip was to heat a teaspoon in hot water and apply to the bite. It destroys the proteins and therefore stops the itch from happening and it also appears to make the swelling go down quicker. The way I do it is to boil up the kettle, have an inch of cold water in a mug with a teaspoon stood in the mug, add an inch of boiled water - temperature test with a finger, if the temp of the water is such that if it was 1 degree hotter you could not keep your finger in there it is hot enough. Have a dry towel/piece of kitchen roll to hand, remove spoon from hot water, dry quickly on towel and apply the tip of the spoon to the bite - count to 10..........slowly. Done.

If you do it with a wet spoon you stand a chance of cooking yourself (experience), also do not apply anti-histimine cream and then do it later without thoroughly removing the cream. That is like deep frying chips - as the Mrs found out. Other than those faux pas it works an absolute treat.

This really works, I experimented on my Mrs last night (after reading your post) who was bitten several times on Sunday and usually reacts badly to any insect bite.

The hot spoon treatment really does the business the itching stopped immediately and when she reported in this morning still no itching.

I had never heard of this method until last night, I'm now converted.

A truly awesome tip for dealing with pesky insect bites.
Well, don't I feel foolish?

I always assumed your cringey white knighting of the Arrse Hanky Twister of the Year indicated some form of unrequited desire.
In which case I should take the diligent way you follow me around as a great compliment.

I should, but...
Did you get to go on the beer in Helensborough though?

See the delightful "Morags"?
Dry camp ( due to lots of live / field firing firing) so the trip to Helensborough involved nothing more exiting than a caramel latte

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