Horse show troop

AAAAH memories.I joined JLR in summer of 76,remember the weather.Our sgt was geordie wythico*** from QDG sgt khode*** from QRIH and a cpl from 14/20th. I used to be able to mimick them.We were lucky enough to be Horse show troop, wgich took us to wembley and Sheppton mallet.I was lucky enough to pass the camp after 20 odd years.It broke my heart to see it closed. The security guard came over to ask if he could help,I told him that i was revisiting the best years of my life.Turned out he had been there too, now he was on permanat stag poor bugger. All the guys who passed out with me to our Regiment went on to become Warrant Officers. If any one served during this time please get in touch. Is the swimming instructor{stopher} stil living?

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