Horse riding?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dashing_Chap, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. Good evening chaps!
    ^ News story


    Clearly there's a significant difference between Western riding & English! 8O

    I have the honour, &tc.

  2. I'd have thought a man of your calibre would be quite partial to this sort of thing?

  3. Fact: there was no bordello there, Fact: the farm was in the process of shutting down-as the property was sold, the two guys that lived on the property were moving out, Fact: the medical examiner found no evidence, that his cause of death was by horse-he just assumed it, based on what the police told him, Fact: there never was 100 bestially video tapes not 100 hours of bestially type media ever found there, Fact: there are NO bodies of any sort, for any reason, buried at that farm's location, Fact: the public officials, with intentional malicious, released falsified press releases to the media, in an attempt to ward off anyone from getting any real facts of what actually transpired there.
    Fact: around the world, that may be as many as 5 million guys, that are into this [getting stallion shagged] and have managed to survive many, many years, with nothing more than a few surface scrapes/bruises-but NO internal injuries. Yes, there are a few cases where a few guys have been internally injured, but have lived to give the old horse shagging thing a go, one more time. But, the number of injuries, is quite low, compared to other so called dangerous sexually activities. And yes, it just so happens, I am one of those daft sods, that enjoys a good shag from a stallion [or many].
  4. It takes all kinds to make a world......I suppose :? :? 8O
  5. I'm just curious whether you're bullshitting or not, you hit that rather avidly 8O
  6. Did you join just to answer that post? Seems a bit strange you like equine todger and just happened to looking at Arrse when a thread was started on it 8O
  7. Maybe he was a reader and this was that thread, belittling his beloved passtime, to knock him into joining.
    Maybe he was googling for horse arrse and it came up.
    Maybe he's just a nonce playing bullshitter who done his research 8O

    P.S Dashing Chap is still a twat, and it could just be his puppet.
  8. At the Boxing Day Meet,I was surprised by two things.The size of a stallions tackle and how tight the girl's wear their jodphurs.
  9. Doubt he's tried a bull's pizzle up his hoop, maybe a walking stick made out of one. As for the video, couldn't be arsed to watch it.
  10. If he's been fcuked by a 17 hands high Palomino stallion it'd be more like a paddling pool than a hoop :p
  11. The comments are typical

    'Billy Ray' Cobb
    Johnson City, United States

    Q'elle surprise... :roll:
  12. Do people actually look for stuff like this online?
  13. Only the seriously disturbed :twisted:
  14. That's Dashing Chap covered then
  15. Previous post Aug '08- Next post Jan '10?

    Very strange.