Horse Riding in Plymouth

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Monkeys_Fist, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. Good Evening,

    I'm looking to head off down to the Plymouth area and around Dartmoor in August.

    The chick is back from Herrick then and I would like to arrange something fun to do and just like every lass, she likes horses. (Although this isn't the NAAFI bar, I'll settle for a gag here).

    I would appreciate any help/direction on riding schools in the area and if anyone knows if any of them offer a half day "potter" about in the moors. I have had a search on google, but would appreciate some first hand experience if possible.

    Oh, probably worth mentioning that neither of us ride horses.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Ever thought of buying some WALKING boots?
  3. Not sure why you had to shout one of the words big guy.

    Walking will be on the agenda, but I'm keen to break it up a bit.
  4. TPBD,

    Cheers for the links mate.
    Do you have any personal experience of either of those?
  5. The Dartmoor one is really good, used it a lot when I lived down there and I have friends who have used the Plymouth one.

  6. Many thanks for the swift replies.

  7. I think 42 has some nags
  8. if you need somewhere to stay try the link below - they have horses and can sort you out with pretty much anything you will need to know about the area - bloody nice people too. It's in a really gorgeous valley just off the edge of the moor. Plenty of good walks - get yourself up to the Ring of Bells in North Bovey for a pint or three

    Neadon Cottage Holiday Cottage in Dartmoor Manaton, South Devon - South Devon Self Catering Holiday Cottages - Toad Hall Holiday Cottages

    Ring of Bells, North Bovey – About North Bovey
  9. Gimp, Babs and RW,

    Thanks for the info guys.


    I did stumble on the 42 nags. Will try and give them a bell tomorrow. Do you happen to know if mil line is manned during the week?

    Thank you all,