Horse rescued in Cyprus - is it true?

This seems to be doing the rounds of various horse websites on the internet at the moment, but noone knows if it's a scam or not. Fair enough if it's true - got no problem with it. But if it isn't then I know of a lot of people about to send over a fair bit of cash. So if anyone knows for definite either way, would appreciate the heads up as this is the only place I can think of where folk might be able to validate it or not. Ta :)
Its true.

He is also the saviour of several hamsters and guinea fowl as well.

Good on 'im.
Ive just donated via western union. What a noble cause. In my day he would have been denied access to camp bringing animals in. What an angel he truly is.

I will sleep well tonight knowing angels walk on earth.


Sounds like the Bubble way with animals. Best if he doesn`t interfere, it`s their cultural heritage you know.
Vickers said: "I arrived home to find a horse that had been dumped at my house".

That'll teach him to p1ss off Vito Corleone.
Are the Polo and Riding Stables still running in Happy Valley?

It would make more sense to send him there rather than ship it back to the UK.

As for £2500 for air freight- that's a joke unless he's going to get Ryan Air to move it!

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