Horse injury cancels Queen's 41-gun salute

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pandaplodder, Jun 2, 2011.

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  1. Ouch! Hope he's ok :( that looked nasty!
  2. I don't like seeing screens around horses it is usually bad news. Condolences to the Troop and the horse's rider
  3. Shame. Exposed bone, knee bent unnaturally backwards. Fear that this horse probably received a small lead injection. Owned horses, love them, it saddens me to see one like this but that is a very nasty wound for a horse.
  4. Horse has been destroyed by injection at the scene.
  5. Call me an old-fashioned bastard, but can we remove this thread? Nothing to be gained from viewing a horse sustain a fatal injury.
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  6. Fair one.

    I think I met a rider of Murphy years ago. He named his dog after him but kept the dog at his mums house. He must be proper cut up. As are the King's Troop no doubt.

    You don' t need to see this sort of thing.
  7. Certainly didn't make my day any brighter :(
  8. Any suspiciously cheap, but good, steak restaurants round them parts?
  9. The donkey will be tinned up and sold as dog food by tomorrow.
  10. Not with a load of sodium pentobarbital swilling around inside him he won't. Bloody miserable to see but no more than a tragic accident and the rather unnecessary, intrusive, Daily Wail photography won't help; standby for a bunny huggers' bleat about banning horses in the KT.
  11. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    I'm not a great one for RIP poetry, but this seems rather appropriate here:



    This 'appened in a battle to a batt'ry of the corps
    Which is first among the women an' amazin' first in war;
    An' what the bloomin' battle was I don't remember now,
    But Two's off-lead 'e answered to the name o' Snarleyow.
    Down in the Infantry, nobody cares;
    Down in the Cavalry, Colonel 'e swears;
    But down in the lead with the wheel at the flog
    Turns the bold Bombardier to a little whipped dog!

    They was movin' into action, they was needed very sore,
    To learn a little schoolin' to a native army corps,
    They 'ad nipped against an uphill, they was tuckin' down the brow,
    When a tricky, trundlin' roundshot give the knock to Snarleyow.

    They cut 'im loose an' left 'im -- 'e was almost tore in two --
    But he tried to follow after as a well-trained 'orse should do;
    'E went an' fouled the limber, an' the Driver's Brother squeals:
    "Pull up, pull up for Snarleyow -- 'is head's between 'is 'eels!"

    The Driver 'umped 'is shoulder, for the wheels was goin' round,
    An' there ain't no "Stop, conductor!" when a batt'ry's changin' ground;
    Sez 'e: "I broke the beggar in, an' very sad I feels,
    But I couldn't pull up, not for you -- your 'ead between your 'eels!"

    'E 'adn't 'ardly spoke the word, before a droppin' shell
    A little right the batt'ry an' between the sections fell;
    An' when the smoke 'ad cleared away, before the limber wheels,
    There lay the Driver's Brother with 'is 'ead between 'is 'eels.

    Then sez the Driver's Brother, an' 'is words was very plain,
    "For Gawd's own sake get over me, an' put me out o' pain."
    They saw 'is wounds was mortial, an' they judged that it was best,
    So they took an' drove the limber straight across 'is back an' chest.

    The Driver 'e give nothin' 'cept a little coughin' grunt,
    But 'e swung 'is 'orses 'andsome when it came to "Action Front!"
    An' if one wheel was juicy, you may lay your Monday head
    'Twas juicier for the niggers when the case begun to spread.

    The moril of this story, it is plainly to be seen:
    You 'avn't got no families when servin' of the Queen --
    You 'avn't got no brothers, fathers, sisters, wives, or sons --
    If you want to win your battles take an' work your bloomin' guns!
    Down in the Infantry, nobody cares;
    Down in the Cavalry, Colonel 'e swears;
    But down in the lead with the wheel at the flog
    Turns the bold Bombardier to a little whipped dog!
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  12. Maybe quad bikes are the way ahead?
  13. Did somebody say "Quad"?

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