Horse in the household cavalry

Hi all, does anyone have any experience of owning a horse whilst being in the household cavalry. Maybe even competing. It just want to know would I have time to ride my horse or would I have to sell him in order to join?
Thanks in advance
Not an especially detailed answer I'm afraid, but something popped up on my Instagram feed yesterday relating to an army showjumping contest. One of the photographs was of a member of The King's Troop RHA. The caption was along the lines of 'Gunner Bloggs with her own (horses name).....'
I took it that she was competing her own horse.
I can't speak for the HCav but most King's Troop people seem to be utter horse nerds.
I'm sure you wouldn't be the first .


Household Cav and Kings Troop RHA you will not have the time to look after your own animals cos you will be grafting your backside off looking after service animals you could be lucky to sit down to a decent meal. Good luck with your idea

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