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We are moving to Church Crookham in July and I was just wondering if anyone had any experience or advice on local liveries. We've got two horses, ideally I'd like to continue keeping them outdoors 24/7 and on a budget, so a good value DIY or field for rent would be perfect. I am also going to be looking for sharers for both, if there is anyone out there interested.

Thank you!
There's a livery place in Church Crookham near Redfields Garden Centre behind Zebon Copse. Search on Danvers Drive, this is close to Humphrey Park patch. The other one I know of is down Tadpole Lane which is close to Quetta Park Patch. The latter offers easy access to the Aldershot Training area and Tweseldown Cross Country course is on the doorstep too.. Those are the nearest. Further afield there's a very nice yard near Eversley (Tilehouse Farm or something) opposite St Mary's church that offers easy access to Bramshill Forest for hacking (subject to annual permit fees) that my Daughter used to have a share at. Its' downside is its a fair distance away. Grazing is quite rich there so you'd have to keep them fit if you don't want Laminitis to be a problem.
Or you could follow the example of the couple in JHQ Rheindahlen who kept their horse in the living room of their officers quarter..

The redecorating cost was apparently less than the livery charges..!

Cavalry of course...!

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