Horse Fart

Heh. Because that's exactly where I'd stand when I'm being interviewed about my horses for a local TV station. :)
Now that reminds me of one of the most amusing holidays I ever went on...

To set the scene, the family are settling down to a week in Paradise [or the next best thing: Cornwall] and pitch the tent in an obliging campsite. The farmer, being a thoughtful old soul has separated the various specimens of livestock by a thick fence.

Horses, however, are social beasts and eternally inquisitive. So the thing comes over, pokes its head over the rails and gives us the best look at me, I'm lonely and need polos look it can muster.

The kids naturally fall for the bait and lose many mints with the hole to this creature.

Thirty minutes later, having a bit of supper, an almighty tearing sound comes from over the fence. A cloud of biohazardous gas floats over, in cartoon style flourescent green and leaves all five of us writhing on the grass, clutching our throats and hoarsely shouting GAS GAS GAS!

The damn horse was in that field the whole bloody week and produced enough nerve agent to destroy the whole Iraqi insurgency in one fell swoop.
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