Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scruff_2, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. Now I know there are a lot of well read ARRSERS on here so I need your help.

    I remember seeing a cartoon/painting of a fat womon on a horse and the poo horse was bent in the middle due to the riders weight. I think this is quite a famous picture.

    My question is does anyone know who it is by?
  2. Norman Thelwell?
  3. Sounds like Giles Catchpole.
  4. Catchpole is an Author???

    Bryn Parry.......dunno of a fat bird on a nag being done by Parry though.
  5. Looks like Norman Thelwels picturs but just googled him and cannot find the picture I,m looking for.
  6. After viewing your location I am somewhat sceptical.
  7. I'll stick the artist in as potentially Ronald Searle, but I'll do some googling to check....

    Alternatively, could you be thinking of a seaside postcard with a donkey?

    edit: No, probably not Ronald Searle, but I've got a damned picture in my mind now...
  8. Quite right, :oops: Catchpole is the author - so I was thinking of Parry then
  9. No dodgy reasons for finding picture. Have a girl working here who is, shall we say a bit on the large size. She had booked a horse riding lesson this lunch time but was turned away for being too large.

    I want the picture to put on her desk as we were all in stitches.
  10. I did a fat bird on a sofa. Actually I did one on a beer barrel - which is similar in challenge to a horse...
  11. I think BigEye might be right I remember one done by Thelwell, he also did a whole equestrian series of fat folks/kids/women/men/Hunters on horses etc.

    I also now that Ronald Searle ( ex Jap POW and bridge over river Kwai veteran) did a few similar type drawings but I can't recall that particular picture.

    If in the meantime you need something drawing give me a PM and I will see what I can do

  12. Not the one that I've been thinking of, but it's a start: