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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Chef, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. Mrs Chef has come into a bit of spare cash and is desirous of up grading her three door Izuzu Trooper which is ancient for a newer beast.

    The spec is as follows;

    Second hand, 4WD, 3ish litre diesel, manual. up to 10 grand cash.

    Three door is fine, as it is a second wagon.

    The horse box is a two dobbin affair.

    I suggested a LR, also a half track, Dodge WC 52 but none of these were met with approval.

    If anyone has any suggestions either for or against a wagon the advice would be appreciated. :? :D
  2. Mine is up for grabs at the mo, delivery might a bit steep :p

    Clickety Click
  3. Mitsubishi Delicia, plenty about and back seats fold down into a double bed
    or a Mazda Bongo they come in 4x4 at 2.5 ltr diesel and convert into a mini camper also

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  4. Yeah I'd opt for a used Disco if I were you. Another option is the Subaru Forrester, ugly as sin but a very good towing machine by all accounts as I see loads of folk at events using them. Although not sure I could bring myself to drive one.

    Go for a Disco!
  5. Disco 2.5Tdi, will happily pull 3500kg all day. Other option is a Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8TDi import, also v good and cheap, but a bit heavy on diesel, ours did 22mpg and was way less economical than the Disco.
  6. Thanks very much for the info, with a bit of luck and a prevailing wind Mrs Chef will be getting something in the next couple of weeks.

    Cheers. :D
  7. Hyundai Terracan. 10 large will get you one that still has a bit of factory warranty on it. 2.9 turbodiesel. Ugly as fcuk but gignormous, well equipped and easy to drive.
  8. Chef,

    Check Brightwells at Leominster before any dealer. They have a result page online.


  9. Subaru foresters are fab! i have one.... but it does not yet have a diesel sister and is extremely exspensive to run. it is a very sturdy car tho and in comparrison to a disco can be a lot smarter when turning up for events. doesn't look like a 4x4 monster. very respectable car. . . . .in my opinion anyway.

    costs £55 to fill up and a tank does anything from 280-320 miles depending on conditiond. but that is when its not towing!

    happy hunting!

  10. Many thanks Mr Wales(any relation?) Mrs Chef is still trawling the net so no firm decision yet. Thanks again one and all.
  11. we have a Mitsubishi Pinin (2 litre) that pulls 1500 Kg . we have a double horsebox - but it weighs 1000KG!!!. therefore, we can only tow with one horse at present (we bought double for comfort). so go bigger if you can. only draw back is fuel consumption, as previous posters have mentioned.

    i agree with psycho - babble - go for the Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8TDi import.

    oh, and avoid land rovers like the plague!!!!

  12. Discos are OK, we now have an LPG V8, but our old TDi 300 left it's gearbox all over the M6 at 80mph. Which was interesting. The V8s run forever, but all the eleccy windows et al die in rotation!
  13. I have a Mitsubishi twin cab pick up (L200). Its excellent.

    I tow a Ifor Williams 510 with a 17.2H hunter as well as the boys' pony. Plenty of grunt although, when loaded of course you can't actually go very fast.