horror stories from basic training?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by bitty, Aug 4, 2005.

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  1. i'm curious to hear what basic training's like. i've seen the dvd and at one point, it shows a group of lads being shown how to iron a shirt, is this genuine?! and from what i've seen on other posts; i don't have a problem with authority or being shouted at (as long as it ends within 12 weeks :) ), i can spell, read, write and march, possibly all at the same time, and i can read a map.

    i've got my BARB tests this afternoon and hopefully i'll get a good enough score to go into the intelligence corps. if anyone can give an insight into how their phase 2 training is different to phase 1, that would be great.
  2. When you get to wherever you are going, remember to tell this to the Corporal. Remind him (they are very forgetful) that you saw the DVD and that as long as he winds his neck in, in 12 weeks, you and he will get along fine.

    Retain that attitude for the rest of your Army career as well and don't be put off by old school Sergeant Majors who disagree with you (you get them in every walk of life).......just let him know that you've done the 12 weeks bit and that there is no need for him to raise his voice. It is 2005 after all.

    Have a great career!
  3. It certainly is. Well cared for kit lasts longer. And they will teach you personal hygiene as well because well cared for soldiers last even longer than kit.

    You may well know how to do these things but many do not - the Army isn't all about bayonet drill you know.
  4. Nope. It's about fish.
  5. Like evrything else (well, almost everything else) such seemingly bone things are done for a reason, Bitty. Your instructors will show you how to do absolutely everything, primarily so that someone tipping up on a parade looking like Grizzly Adams can't use ignorance as a defence. It's probably a good idea to pay attention to everything that comes out of your Section Commander's mouth as he's unlikely to find clever little bastards amusing.

    Not that I think you'll try and be clever, mind you, but it helps to know. Good luck.
  6. Nobody find it odd that this question is raised so soon after the BBC news report?
  7. thats a good point abacus, hope i didn't come across as arrogant, i was just trying to find out what the balance is between being shouted out for not having properly polished (bulled?) boots and improving physical fitness and learning new skills.

    and biscuits, thanks for that excellent advice and nice of you to sabotage my career before its even started!
  8. i'm not a journalist biscuit! there's a lot of paranoia about that, do many hacks come on these boards looking for inside stories?

    and wedge, you're right, i probably will try to be clever but i know when to keep my mouth shut (normally its when someone who is 6'7'' and twice my weight is shouting inches away from my face)
  9. It's the 5 foot fcuk all sized ones you really need to be wary of. :twisted:
  10. It's all part of the same package, Bitty, try not to think too deeply about it. Lots of people towards the more intellectual end of the scale hang themselves in trying to find method in the madness when all that is required is to do exactly as you're told. That's actually a lot harder than it sounds.

    In answer to the second part of your original question, I can't speak for the Int Corps but in my own capbadge Phase 2 is designed so that the bullsh*t slackens off but the PT and requirement to think for yourself increase significantly.

    None of it's rocket science however (unless you're an Ammo Tech I suppose) but even if you struggle during training, don't think you're necessarily going to make a cr*p squaddie. It takes some people years to settle down and you get better stories if you're a complete biff in training anyway. Once again, good luck.
  11. be afraid of short ncos be very afraid of a short rsm
  12. I'm sure that your other career is more lucrative.
  13. How very true!!
  14. The only horror story I have is 2 words Silver Shadow guard your knees there the only ones you have and mine are already gone at 25 and awaiting surgery.

    Cheers 2cb
  15. That's because you are a hill billy and not used to wearing shoes.