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Horror of Lee killed in revenge

Beyond sad.
As a mother to sit each day while your kids are away from home, for me school trips, and worry about them is hard.
I have no comprehension of being the mother of a soldier. To understand this feeling compounded by grave danger surrounding your child.
But to think 'That's it he's home, off out with mates, safe', and to receive news of an attack like this, there are no words.

Broken hearted.

Beebs :cry:
They should turn the man that organised it over to the squaddies in the soldiers unit. Bet they would settle the score and find out who the others were.
Being something of a believer in divine retribution, and also in the saying 'when thieves fall out' I wouldn't give up hope that the fine specimens of humanity who committed this murder won't meet with it someday.
This is tragic beyond belief.

Hopefully the "live by the sword, die by the sword" maxim will prove true and the assailants will meet unpleasant ends in this urban blight that passes for a society nowadays.
MrPVRd said:
Hopefully the "live by the sword, die by the sword" maxim will prove true
Hope it doesn't, or there is a nasty end in sight for all of us.

Our justice system is ****ing shite, 5 years for taking part in, and arranging to; kick someone to death?
And what of the "witnesses"?

Manchester Online said:
When the two men walked out of the takeaway with their food, Lander and the duo attacked them both, then both of them turned on Lee, punching him to the ground and then kicking him.

One witness described him being kicked "like someone taking a penalty at football" as he lay helpless.Then one of the men stamped hard on the side of his head.
Granted, we don't know who the witness / s were, but it was in a public street outside a takeaway which there had just been trouble in so probably a few people had noticed. Also, this sort of attack can be alarming. But does it REALLY take that much to intervene? Even just shouting from across the road can be enough to stop thugs like this - at least the distraction gives the victim a chance.

Or you can stand back, watch, not get involved, and then give evidence at a murder trial. Personally, don't think I could live with myself. I'm not big and I'm not hard, but I've got a conscience.

Pet Rant over.
I cannot remember the syndrome, but it involves large groups not doing anything becasue they take it for granted someone else will. It is a bit harsh to blame bystanders for what has happened, end of the day if there not familiar with the situation, shock is very common.
Plant-Pilot said:
It really makes you wonder if it's worth putting your life on the line serving your country in the name of these people.
Don't think that for one minute PP.
These peole are the minority.
You defend me, my children, your parents and all those on here and all those yet to come.......
These people are scum, while you are heroes.
Never doubt it.


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