Horror FIlms ! Horrific or not! whats the worst you seen?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by burnleybootboy, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. Just seen an article in the Daily Wail , by a film critic that states that the film Human Centipede Two should not be allowed classification status and should be banned for ever. The article goes on to state that there has been a decline in the standards of the Clssification Board and this will only lead to worse and more horrific films coming through . It goes on to name several films such as "Hostel" or "Crash" ( which i thought were both a pile of steaming cock knockers) as being horrific. Interestingly some of the comments state things like " I still can't sleep after seeing Paranormal Activity"

    So my question is , aside from my first wedding video , what is the most disturbing horrific film you have seen ??

    As an aside i think Titanic gets my vote!
  2. Watching those poor bastards jumping/falling from the WTC.

    Of all the stuff I have ever seen that is the one bit of film that really does my head in.

    Sorry for the serious and I now return you to your regularly scheduled tits fanny bumwank.
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  3. Finnegan's wake!

    I lost the will to live watching that....
  4. seconded
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  5. House of 1000 corpses. A Rob Zombie flick.
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  6. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Remember being terrified by The Omega Man as a kid. Same with The Devil Rides Out. They somewhat paled as I got older, mind.

    The original of The Amityville Horror was class, the remake was just gash.

    But many of the older ones (Hitchcock's Birds and others) relied more on story. Now there's too much concentration on CGI.
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  7. I've not seen it and have no desire to, but I have heard "A Serbian film" is one of the worst out there, the description of it sounds bad enough.
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    It was a shit film but the bit in Wolfscreek when the totty got her spine severed with bolt cutters made me wince.
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  9. I wouldn't be able to sleep if I'd watched 'Paranormal Activity', because I'd still be kicking myself for wasting my time and money.
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  10. Love Actually.

    The horror. The horror.

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  11. Charlie the unicorn. Fucked up beyond belief, utterly twisted, depraved stuff.

    Salad fingers is another fucking headfuck.

    Apart from those, not sure at all. I've never watched anything that I couldn't sleep after or anything soft like that. Plenty of 'ooh, cunt, that must have fucking hurt,' moments like the bit in The hills have eyes 2 where the bloke gets pulled into the hole and his leg goes all the way back, that made me wince. Same with Hostel (I think) where he gets his achilles sliced, that made me turn a funny shade.

    Fortunately it put everyone else off the nachos and I got 2 BFO platefuls to myself. My arsehole hated me the next morning, that was the last time I mixed Tennants Super and anything with spicy in it.
  12. Thats a pretty old quote, i heard it so I downloaded human centipede 1 and 2 probably 6 months ago. It reminded me of Arte en Matts story on here.

    I dont believe a 'flm critic' has the right to make comments like that, in my humble opinion, censorship is a denial of human rights.

    If 'Faces of Death' or more recently Live Leak (used to be ogrish) has taught me, is that fucking censorship is likely to create more mental cases than showing a road crash to a bunch of kids.

    Im not saying the news should beam pictures of a car crash into your dinner table, but the way that they currently operate, can you imagine the horror in your head the day you open you car door after hitting a moped and seeing its head at one side of your car and its body and soggy end at the other...Ive seen quite a few thanks to the internet and hopefully i never have to experiance it, but if I do, it wont freak me into depression.

    As far as censoring shit, public were allowed to see folk hung drawn and quartered and hung, and off with their heads, and heads on the railings of westminster, why are we so soft now? I dont get it.

    A few years ago i was disturbed from a shower by someone ringing the doorbell for longer than was normal. Upon answering the door some god botherer, not put off by by dripping body covered in towel asked me (at maybe 15 years old) did I think the violence in todays world was because of video games and movies. I dont know where it came from (possibly the Braveheart film or Robin Hood) but I was cognisant enough to mention the horrific acts in medievil time prior to vhs and the sega megadrive.

    I refused the slip of paper and they fooked off to the mormons next door.

    Not having it that any movie should be banned no matter how depraved it may seem.
  13. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I would have been a tad short with them as well if my mid shower wank had been disturbed.
  14. Nah i had just washed away the last remnants, you know, the one you can pull out like a string...
  15. Yes, but moped riders are cunts so it's OK.
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