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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Sep 30, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Horrific death of soldiers who were sent into rebel stronghold
    By Daniel McGrory

    One of the two kidnapped men was still alive after being shot at least ten times

    AN IRAQI mob stood and watched as a wounded British soldier slowly bled to death after he and another bomb disposal expert were ambushed and murdered in a lawless frontier town.


    RIP Lads.
  2. Utter utter savages....
  3. Thanks for that Spike - bought all the memories flooding back. I knew them both and Luke was a close friend.

    RIP guys you aren't forgotten
  4. I remember that happening over three years ago. What is the relevance of bringing it back up???
  5. Sometimes this makes me want to surround the town/village in question and kill every man over the age of 15 or sterilise over man and woman there.

    I know the UN prohibits collective punishment, and I know that in doing such an act we would become as scum as these people...

    Perhaps that is what sets us apart from the savages - but at a terrible cost.

    May these brave lads rest in peace, and all those involved in their murder suffer eternal damnation.

    Ed to add: this was brought up again by the current inquest into the deaths.
  6. Has been reopened due to inquest.
  7. Horrific.

    It's events such as this that shake your faith in humanity.

    RIP, gents. RIP.
  8. Why??? Have the families not been distressed enough. I wouldn't want to know the ins and outs of how my son was "Shot up" by a crowd of savages.
  9. Absolutely shocking.
    It's conduct such as that described in the article that really does mark some people to be nothing more than savages. It's impossible to combat mindsets like that conventionally, we need to take the gloves off and declare open season in Iraq against all those who we know have conducted attacks against British forces, rather than give a fcuk about how the local populace will react. If they demonstrate, let them, if they petrol-bomb, shoot them. If we don't have a mandate robust enough to do that, then we should just get the fcuk out.

    Spr Allsopp and Ssgt Cullington, gentlemen, may you both rest in peace.
  10. Absolutely sickening.
    RIP and may God ease your families suffering.
  11. RIP Fellas,Gone but not Forgotten,Goodnight and Godbless...
  12. And we yanks are ruthless?

    I don't know what the south of the country is like (of course, I only know what I've been told about other areas anyway, so feel free to disregard anything I say here), but in other areas, the locals don't give a damn if something bad happens to someone they know to be an insurgent. The mobs that have been attacking coalition troops in the south might be (though I base this on conjecture, so again, disregard if my perception is b0llocks) organized by Sadr's militias not only to brutalize British troops, but to intimidate other townsfolk from helping British troops. I know US troops have mostly had to deal with small terror-cells and foreign fighters, but you guys are putting up with a completely different situation down there.

    RIP to the fallen, and condolences to the families.
  13. RIP.

    Their killers should be given no quarter.