Horrific accident! (not for the faint hearted)

The picture you are about to see shows an accident of horrific proportions. The scene is one of extreme loss, a needless waste that should never have been allowed to happen. If you are in any way easily effected by images that show scenes of extreme carnage then I suggest you think twice about viewing this image.

This is really harsh viewing :cry:

I am willing to offer accommodation for any of the young survivors that have been left homeless and orphaned by this tragedy.
Right who's up for an ARRSE Aid to civilian population op? I reckon if we club together and hire a couple of mini vans and a flat bed truck we could have that lot cleared up, I mean assisted, in no time.
The trouble with all you bleeding-heart liberals is that you'll only ever treat the symptom.

Until you stop foreing beers from driving on the wrong side of the road this sort of thing will keep happening.

Better still, ban foreign beer from the roads.


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Send all donations to me! I have just set up a home from those left without loved ones.
You are all 2 faced bastards.

Each and every one of you will have done their best to rid the planet of their kind, and continue to do so, not only in the privacy of your own home, but out in public, ridiculing those who cannot 'destroy' more than 8 a night.

You all disappoint me.

Anyway, who's round is it???

It can't be true!!!!!!
Oh my god! Its happening everywhere.some guy in the cricket crowd just had a pint smashed by the ball. Bloody sacrilage!!
Send this pic out to our troops in the afgan/iraq conflicts, to show them what these Taliban/muslim/shite sorry shiite are doing in the homelands.

Both confilcts will be finished by about lunchtime on Monday!
Grown man crying ..... and not ashamed ..........
If that doesn't give you PTSD I don't know what will.

Thanks alot Sponge, now we'll all be giving people 1000 yard stares for the next 20 years.

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