horrid day

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by WhiteHorse, Nov 1, 2005.

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  1. Today hasn't got off to a particularly good start.

    I awoke with a slight headache and didn't have any anadin in the house,
    there was a slight frost on the window of my car and to top it off I've
    just got a paper cut on my finger.

    I'm in fear of looking in my stapler in case I'm down to my last few.
  2. Ahhh MDN, try and think of all the positives... Your day can surely only get better?

    Time for chocolate and a large coffee!
  3. I had to get up half an hour earlier for work today, and i had to use semi skimmed milk on my cornflakes because i had run out of full fat.

    But i wont dispair, i still have a fluffy kitten and Juilie Andrews DVD collection.
  4. Step back from the abyss, kid.

    You think you've got it bad.

    When I got into work this morning, I realised that nobody had emptied my bin. There were two empty vendor brew cups in there and they'd been there all night.

    You want to count your blessings.
  5. Ahhh MDN, try and think of all the positives... Your day can surely only get better?

    Time for chocolate and a large coffee!
  6. So I'm not alone then?

    I've just had a call to say my 1 O clock appointment in Huddersfield may be running 15 minutes late.

    Can it get any worse????
  7. After it persisted down well and good last night, at least you don't have to go and mow a soggy lawn.

    "I hate the smell of wet grass in the morning"
  8. Well my neighbour has taken it upon himself to do a bt of DIY, which for some reason seems to involve nothing but banging continually on our connecting wall, so I now have a rather painful headache.
  9. I've just finished my coffee, i need to get some more but that means leaving my seat.
  10. Just go round to his house and bang on his head with a hammer that should cure your headache.
  11. I may get an even larger headache when the judge sentances me to life...
  12. my pc's running slow, we're out of coffee in the machine and it seems every man and his dog wants to call me this morning, what happened to not getting busy till ten?
  13. MDM,

    Fear not - things are worse for others. The funny thing is that I was just thinking of composing a suitable ditty here, to request some advice from fellow arrsers, after a particularly bad morning.......

    I take my dog into work with me most mornings. She is happy to sit in the boot of my estate car for the journey, and whimpers when I enter the camp gates, as she knows it won't be long before she can get out. The routine is always the same each morning.. passing through the gates of camp, showing duty plod suitable ID etc, wimpering starts, another 3 minutes or so of driving to workplace, and parking up car. After this, I take her for a short walk while she does her morning constitutionals, then into the office for the day.

    This morning was no different - the hound started whimpering as I entered camp, whimpering got a bit louder on the drive to the car park. After I'd stopped the car, just as I opened my door, I though a sensed a small whiff of doogie doo... but though it was possible a dog f@rt, given it was shortly time for her constitutional.

    When I opened the boot I was horrified to find that she'd been a bit premature and laid down the longest dog log I'd ever seen in the boot! To cap it all, the consistency wasn't as firm as it could have been, and some of said log log has also been deposited all over my camelbak. Now apart from the mess and smell (which was just 'orrible') the advice I need is on whether to keep the camelbak (after suitable cleaning - for which advice would be gratefully received) or to ditch it in the bin - in the knowledge that at some point in the future I may have to put my lips around the drinking tube, which would have been previously covered in dog sh!te!!

    What would you do?
  14. i had one of these days friday and sunday..........

    friday i left Swansea at 11am to travel home to nottinghamshire, i was making good time till i hit the M5 where i travelled at 15mph all the way up to the M42. No particulary fit birds to letch at in neighbouring cars i resorted to smoking myself silly and listening to the only CD i had taken with me in the hire car about 4 times over. my joys of hitting 50mph on the M42 were short lived when i hit the M1 and proceded to travel again at around 15mph all the way to junction 28 where i exited. then the fiasco of getting thru town began and i finally arrived home at 7pm.

    only to find that a. the wood floor people dont take away the rubbish they create and my front garden looks like a scene out of appocolypse now..... b. due to severe rains my bike stand had sunk into the ground where it was parked and was happily laying on its side......... c. i had no hot water.

    Sunday i will not go into on here as i can feel myself getting agitated........... but it resulted in a 15hr shift and only 3 hours sleep that night. :x
  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Strange synchronicity. My dog is currently constipated and a black cloud of gloom is hovering above the cpunk household as we await the arrival of a gigantic canine curly-wurly which will, doubtlessly, be laid on some particularly hard to clean section of carpetting. Now that's a real downer: the knowledge that, at some stage, I'm going to have to wrestle a huge doggie anaconda...