Horrible women that squaddies marry

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BernardMcCabe, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. Found this story in the Express, made my blood boil. Fair play to the squaddie for not going round there and punching her into a coma. Took her to court and got custody of the kids. Just annoys me they didnt get jail time!http://www.express.co.uk/news/view/5006
  2. Crap, dont know how to put a hyperlink in! Sorry but I am an Infanteer. Anybody help
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. There's another ARRSE thread running on this since yesterday afternoon. Titled "Parents", IIRC.

    This was a barbaric business. These degenerate women should never have been allowed to breed, and should have been gaoled IMHO.
  5. Poor kids. At least they are with their father now, rather than with that human equivalent of a pack of jackals.
  6. Chav scum. Lock 'em up and throw away the key. Stick 'em all in the same cell and the only one who gets fed each day is the one who batters the shite out of the other three the best.
  7. How did these scum not get jailed? I read the article and it made me feel sick.
  8. They are all ginger and monstrous fat. How one of them got her belly pierced, without some pretty heavy duty shoring equipment, I am flabbergasted!

    Naturally at half-past one in a morning, severely lashed up and with a kebab shaped hole in my inner being I would of course probably consent to penning the husky with them. I would however be horrified with myself and therefore feel that I can still take the moral high ground, particularly if these crew are in any way shape or form part of the moral topography.
  9. Golly!

    That's awfully good for this time on a Saturday night.

    Nary a mistaken keystroke in sight.

    What think you of The Wolverhampton card for tomorrow?

    Have some of this Bushmills, by the way.
  10. Virtual Bushmills...will it mix with this Old rosie cider I am a-quaffing? Well in for a penny, in for a pound I suppose..chin-chin...

    As for the card at Wolverhampton, it appears to be quite empty as they raced there today! Wincanton tomorrow though, every race a Bathwick Tyres special...Cuddles likes Artadi, who is down a league and might be a bit of a bandit though you'll not get good price, in the 1450. Also worth a punt IMHO is shingle Street in the last, each way.

    A "friend in Ireland" has told me to slap a fiver on Warrior drive in the 1435 at cork but he is a big Kerryman eejit without the sense to come in out of the rain if he was wet. Hello Murphy...
  11. She dumped him by text when he was in Iraq. That sort of action certainly coontributes to the type of person she is. How the hell can you do that too your kids.

    Cnat believe a dog woner got jail time for making his animals fight eachother and these women got nadar, fcked up.
  12. Apparently the judge was gutted when he found out a suspended sentence didn't mean hanging these troll-birds...
  13. Missed it!

    I knew this watch was dodgy. Runs according to the Julian Calendar. Serves me right for buying it in West Clare, where - as ane fule kno - they are all crooks an' thimble-riggers. Chiz!

    Artadi and Shingle Street it'll be. Much obliged t'ye.

    Kerrymen are grand! Along with Ballymena-men, they make Ireland tick. (Which can be jolly alarming at times.)

    I diskard the Corcaigh Races, for obscure reasons linked to dodgy comms.

    D'you know The O'Scolaidhe, by any chance?

    Old Rosie an' Bushmills, eh? Ticker in good order, is it? Worse than Brane Dommage . . .

    No sleep 'til dawn when Rose and Bushie meet,
    To chase the glowing hours o'er fires of peat.

    Decanter is with you, sir . . . .
  14. Ticker is a hell of a lot better than twelve months ago...tinkers fouled me water supply, bad 'cess to 'em! Seems to be worki........