Horrendous blue on blue: true or false

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Sand.fly, Dec 14, 2003.

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  1. Rumour is that an "MRF" OP was compromised by a US search team last night, about 15 clicks from Tikrit.

    The operator in question, a Regular Army reservist, has a striking resemblence to a former a ops offr from 9 Coy and OC FS Op CHANTRESS, was apparently in a deep OP overlooking a presidential palace.

    ( I am told by those in UK that he has not been seen in S 2 for a number of weeks now.)

    No mention that 4 Oz of Gold Leaf and some rizla papers were found in a tin in the hide.

    I'm sure this will all blow over once J2X explain everything :wink:
  2. Do you always talk like that?

    I bet your briefings just fly by.

  3. Sod it. Delete the lot.
    Sometimes I sits and I worries. Sometimes I just sits.