Hornblower and Sharpe

I just thought I'd say how completely thrilled and breathless with excitement I am that that gorgeous young Hornblower is back on our screens........I can't begin to tell you how he has featured in my dreams, both sleeping and waking..........

I found myself wishing that they would make another few episodes of Sharpe - remember  the last episode, where he becomes a farmer in northern France, with the beautiful widow of a French officer, naturellement (I thought she was particularly drippy, can't stand scrawny women).

I used to especially lust after that big Irish sergeant of his.......but then, as I have said before, I have a bit of a thing about Irishmen........... ;) 8)
Essential viewing, and a plot anyone can follow...

Sharpe corrects a wrong
Sharpe issues some close quarter luvving to a woman several times above his social station
The French get a kicking

Top entertainment.  ;D
Because I am a particularly sad wench (see, I'm getting into the mood already..... ::)) I even have the soundtrack to Sharpe, which is really good.
I loved the character of the Spanish high born rebel leader (who was, of course, a very beautiful woman...) and was GUTTED when Obidiah finished her off!!

I've noticed Hornblower is being to develop lots of the same elements as Sharpe....don't like his wife though....

If you had to identify with one of the chracters of either, which one woud it be?!

I liked the Intelligence major in Sharpe, great face he had.
I'd say the intelligence major....

It's the Irish in me, and the bigness of yer man  ;D

and what is the title of the Sharpe theme.... you know, the one where Hagman sings "Over the hills and far away"

Sharpe would be infinitely more enjoyable, if our Light Company didn't keep referring to themselves as "Chosen men"  :mad:
Yesssssssssssssssssssssss  -lol

Welcome back M8, Happy New Year, and have you tied the knot prior to Op Beach Barbecue?  ;D


War Hero
Yep sure have - spent my honeymoon aclimatising in the cairngorms  ;D :p - much like the poor buggers who are currently running round otterburn on pretheatre beat up and aclimatisation training for GW2.

I know it gets cold at night in the big sandy place, but otterburn in January - I ask you!! ???
It was bloody miserable up there in September, never mind mid-winter

Wet, cold , ghastly. Oh well, being in the giant litter try can only be warmer  ;D

Congratulations, must admit, my very significant other, is now banging on remorseless, I think she's turning herself into a one woman protest rally.

Mind you, even she says why aren't we having a pop at Zimbabwe  :-/


War Hero
Would prefer Zimbabwe - at least they don't have chemical and Biological nasties.

As to getting hitched was the best day - definately recommend it - just don't eat too much wedding cake

Alternatively if you want to know how to get married for under 3 grand and have a silver service reception + get a drink in the middle of the service (Huge quaiche of malt whisky from the minister ;D ;D ;D) - just let me know and I'll get my better half to spill the beans!!
The song is called exactly that, 'Over the Hills and Far Away'. It was arranged by John Tams, a well known Folk singer who actually played Hagman in the series. A lot of the music on the CD are traditional folk songs.

The actor who played Sergeant Harper is Daragh O'Malley - that would be the famous O'Malleys clan, led by Grace O'Malley who were infamous pirateers in the 16th Century....................yummy! (I only know that because I spent last summer in Co Mayo!)
No, no, no... Hornblower is not a patch on Sharpe.  That Welshman is not at all fanciable.  The only sign of totty is Greg Wise or Robert Lindsay.

But Sharpe would beat them to my petticoats any day. Purrrr...


Question is who would win in a fight

*******Sharpe Vs Hornblower *******

Need a celebrity deathmatch, bets in please! ;D
Actually, I have a bit of a thing for that young Welshman......those soulful brown eyes, that full mouth, those large strong hands............... ::)

But he definitely needs a little tuition as far as managing the ladies goes.........think i know just the person............ ::) 8)
And the ultimate last night..... Goldeneye with Sean Bean as Alec Trevelyan 006...... grrrrr...

Esp when he says 'for England, James!'.  I can even forgive him being a baddy.
He has got the most incredibly sexy voice hasn't he?! He speaks some of the lines in the song 'Over the Hill and Far Away' - just heart breaking. I think I could have put aside some of my rebel leading to spend a little time depriving him of that tight green jacket......... :-*
And the O2 ads on TV.  I loved his home counties accent in Goldeneye - although it did slip a little.  But his own northern accent is yummy too.  He said he was delighted to be able to play his Lord of the Rings role in his own accent.

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