Horace Series

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by billy.winky, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. You posted about Horace the other day. Horace was shite back then, and it's still shite.
  2. nOT YOU AGAIN. Why don't you sling your * hook and let REAL retro gamers discuss things in peace!
  3. Horace was pant's, especially that rubbish one with the spiders , The only Retro worth it's salt is anything Namco or Ultimate Play The Game.
    Enough said......
  4. I still have a spectrum, immaculate, in it's box, and some games. I love retro games. Horace was crap though.

    If you want good retro games then you need to discuss "Wriggler", "Jet Set Willy", "Xenon II" and the like.

    I'd rate Paperboy over Horace, and that wasn't anything special.
  5. Or Blagger.
  6. I'm sorry for having a go at you, I was just riled up because my threads always get ripped into. I'm glad that you and the other guys are retro gamers. Blagger was cool. What about the magic knight series?
  7. I didn't play Blagger, but looks similar to Manic Miner?

    I only remember playing Finders Keepers, and Spellbound. They were good games, considering.
  8. You should try Knight Tyme for your Spectrum if you can get hold of a copy. It was the Magic Knight in space and you travel from planet to planet with complete freedom. Really innovative for it's time and still a good laugh.
  9. I can download an emulator, and play it on my laptop :)
  10. Watch out for Barker the Ent!
  11. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I was a C64 boy, myself. I played Manic Miner and JSW until my fingers bled.

    My favourites from the era though, are without a doubt the early Thalamus releases - Delta, Armalyte, Hunters Moon, Sanxion....... I loved the loading music to Sanxion so much i'd switch it off just to load it again.

    Horace was wank, though.
  12. I don't agree. I thought it was great and showed some Japanese cultural influences that certainly eventually led me to manga and more.
  13. Fucking Crow. :D

    Vic 20, anyone? It was the slightly yellower, mostly shitter computer that came out a couple of years before the C64. I had Blitz for that on cassette, where you had to drop bombs on a city from a plane which descended slightly every time it went round the screen. Good stuff, shame I spent more time loading it than playing it. 'Press play on tape' my arse...
  14. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Had a VIC20 as well mate - it was my second computer, being the replacement for my ZX81! The C64 replaced it, I skipped the C16.... ;)