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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Matthius07, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. Basically guys I aspire to become a member of the Royal Engineers. I'm think of being a fitter ACR. Can anyone tell me what to expect and do you guys have a laugh? :)
  2. Do we have a laugh...............just give this thread 2 days and you will be weeping!

    OVER TO YOU KNOCKER............................
  3. Do you mean we spend our time lauging AT Knocker?) :)

    Edited for Knockers benefit!!!
  4. :D :D we all laugh at knockers...oooooeeerrr :drool: :p
  5. Haha seems alright, atleast most of you have some brains ;) Hopefully i'll get in, and then when I make it to Gib i'll know how crap it is. :)
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Have you been through all of the info links posted as a sticky at the top of the Board?
  7. you would think that as a "cone-heid" your grasp of the english language may be a little better C_O_J :wink: :roll: :wink: :roll:
  8. expect the unexpected fella.

    simple as that.

    best corps in the british army by far.

    top blokes, except for the planties, tankies & riggies, that is. :oops: :wink: :oops: :wink:

    good trade choice but as with all trades your chances to use it may be limited & you will stand no chance of being a combat engineer class 1.

    enjoy my friend.

  9. Yeah, I was hoping of not continually using my trade, I was thinking of it more as a fall back on type thing. I have basically researched extensively all I can, and had a long chat with a few certain Draughtsmen and ACRs at Bassinbourne, fitting Air Conditioning suits me ;) Still i'm pretty open minded at this point and any suggestions are welcome
  10. Any fitter trade is worth a pop, half decent qualification after class 1, if you do Fitter Gen Class 2, you always get the chance to fix peoples cars for crates , but you don't do it all the time. The only downside is the promotion after Cpl as a "fitter" is very limited. You may find that you have to go down SQMS type streams.

    Any Fitter type questions give me a shout and I'll be as honest as the day is long.
  11. Ummm can you get quicker than a quick fit fitter? :p

    Seriously, how long is the 1-2 trade training, and is the job a little tiresome at all or do you do it very little day to day?

    Also, when you're with your unit, what type on work do you do on a daily basis? I was told that the brickies make officers barbeques etc. :lol:
  12. Time line

    Basic Training(10 maybe 12 weeks long time ago)------#

    Comabt Enigineering Training(Again 10- 12 weeks ish)

    Me Ftr Cl 2 (12 months when I did it)

    Goto unit Afgahn/Iraq definately

    Come back on Class 1(anthing between 6 and 18 months i think depending on specialisation)



    Onto your second Question

    Fitters normally goto support troops where they do plant maintenance etc or they can goto Resources Fitter Sections and maintain Engineer Construction Plant or goto a REME Fitter section to do bigger fitting jobs on plant or goto a field section and put out Orange poles.

    However as brickes make BBQ's for beer, Fitters fix cars for beers.

    Hope that covers it.
  13. Beer all around :lol:
  14. Being a Ftr RE was a bonus to me whilst crewing\commanding armour in Germany. If you want to go armoured being a ftr is a good start.
  15. Knocker there you go again "except for the planties, tankies & riggies, that is. "
    Wind it in without us you know you wouldnt get anything done
    "sparkys fcuking shit em"

    That said "electrickery" does give you a good qual for later life.
    Best Corps in the Army by far.
    Best bunch of lads "sparkys" included although they do come across as a bit strange.
    Good luck mate