Hoping to join the Paras as Officer.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Jono8192, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. Alright guys, this is my first post on the site.

    I am hoping to join the Parachute Regiment after going through officer training at Sandhurst.

    My last situp test was 42 in 2 minutes (not great but almost there), and my pressups (close arm) were only 22 but that is improving. Do the pressups for Officer Selection have to be close arm or can they be wide arm?

    Also my time for 1 and a half miles is around 10 mins 30.

    Does anyone have any experience of Sandhurst or the Paras?

  2. That's useful.

    So would you say Paras as an officer is a good choice?

  3. Jono - 10,30 not nearly close to being good enough for RMAS yet alone for P Coy in a 'white' PT vest, unless things have changed since my day. Bit more phys required methinks!
  4. Hi. I started running about 4 days ago and that is my first time I have recorded lol.

    So for a first ever go I don't think it is TOO bad really lol.

    I will be able to build on it quickly I hope. I am hoping to start the application process about Feb or March next year so I have a lot of time to bring that down.
  5. 9:40 is the time for the weaker, 9:10 is for stronger...

    I Think!

    But you need 10.2 Bleep Test, 50 sit ups 44 press ups
  6. Cheers. I reckon I need to shave about a minute of my mile time.

    I did one run about 3 months ago, but with other sport I got shinsplints and I have only now started again this week.

    My mile time has gone done 53 seconds with very little effort, so I hope I will be able to improve it even more fairly quickly.

    As far as the pressups go, which type do they have to be eg, wide arm, close arm, elbows tucked in?
  7. Be prepared for some serious beasting as officers do the all arms p coy and treated harder than anyone else on the course. But you will have enhanced promotion as a result. Go for it.
  8. What have you been doing for the other 18,19,20 or whatever years of your life?
  9. For the other 17 years of my life I have only been having the Army in the back of my mind. I have now realised though that it is the only thing I want to do.

    I started a traing programme a few weeks ago, mainly body weight exercises. I have now started to add in the CV as well.
  10. What is it that you actually want? If you can join the Parachute Regiment? I don't think we're really in a position to say if you're truly suitable. Besides, even if you were told no, would that stop you from tryin'n'applyin'?

    Is there something more specific that you want to know (in which case, what?) or did you just want to pop in and let everyone know you're going to be a Para Orficah?
  11. Hi it was just my way of welcoming myself to the site etc, stating what I am aiming to do.

    Also, I never said I am suitable at the moment.

    However, I have asked like three times about which sort of pressup you have to do for officer selection as I can't find any info about this.

    So I will ask again, do you need to do wide arm pressups, close arm pressups, or does it not matter????

  12. Officer selection press ups require your elbows tucked in to your hips, and you must do fifty-five in two minutes. Be aware, however, that they must be done after the msft, most likely after an assult course, so you will be tired already. So be sure that you can do more than fifty-five. Also, if you've had your interview with your ACA colonel you may be able to get yourself on the potential officer's course to the paras, its a 5 day assessment and a perfect opportunity to make yourself known to them. However, it included a 6 mile run and 65 press ups, so work extremely hard on your phys between now and then.
    I believe there are vacancies for the one in early December, there is info on their official website, enjoy.
  13. Hi mate is it 55 pressups? I always thought it was 44.
  14. It might be actually, my mistake. But the paras will want more. Why do you specifically want to join the paras? What do you like about them?
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