Hoping to join RE and specialise as Para or Commando

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by GlasgowEng, May 22, 2008.

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  1. I posted this on another forum, so have just copied most:

    I will be 25 later this year, and am about to graduate with a masters degree in engineering. the subject doesnt appeal to pursue into civvie street, but i have always had a notion that i would enjoy life in the Royal Engineers.

    I recently learned that it was possible to specialise as a "Royal Engineer Paratrooper" or "RE Commando", while I've always fancied the challenge of both para and commando courses I think it would be better to use the engineering background I have than to join these units from the word go.

    If I find myself at Sandhurst and need a regiment to sponsor me, is it quite feasible for example to apply to 24 Commando Regiment RE, though presumably in that there is an additional selection process they aren't in the habit of sponsoring officer cadets?

    I'm also a bit concerned about my age. I appreciate the army allows entry to Sandhurst up to age 27, however being the upper end I'm wondering if I will probably be seen as being a bit old for it. Any thoughts?

    Sorry to ask such vague questions, I've always wanted to join the military, however its making that final decision to just go for it that I'm struggling with.

    Many thanks for any respones and reading this. :D
  2. I belive there is also 159 Independent Royal Engineers Commando Squadron or somesuch. Not sure on the recruitment process though just trying to give you another unit to look at.
  3. Whats your fitness like GE? Are you an outdoorsy, running, climbing, wind-tanned nature god (like myself :D ), or a pale, geeky, Romulan speaker?
  4. cheers mate. :thumleft:

    i think its 59 ind commando squadron RE and 131 ind... (TA) will join and form 24 Commando Regiment by 2010.

    I think the Para one is 23 Engineer Regiment.
  5. haha, when i say i dont fancy civvie street engineering its exactly for the later qualities you list....!!!

    love rowing, skiing and other sports. i row to quite a high level and while not belittling in any way whatsover from the fitness level required to be in the army and then para, commando etc i think id have as good a chance as any joining up to pass p-company or the AACC.
    *offended* by skinny geeks with beards who wear camoflage jackets to uni (while protesting against wars)
    dont want to see a "data book" after i finish finals next week, calculator will be going in the bin

    how does that sound? :D
  6. Sounds promising so far. Twenty five is slightly older than the average potential officer, but not outrageously so.

  7. I'm in the same boat age wise. Unfortunately I've been working for the last 4 years since finishing university. I'll be 4 weeks from 26 should I get into the January intake for sandhurst that I'm looking for.
  8. let me know how it goes Ian. Ive only had the first chat with someone in the careers office and had to postpone my pre-RCB last year cos of uni stuff so Ive no idea time wise what sandhurst entry i could be aiming for. guess id have to get the category 1 thing at the aosb with this time frame as well!
  9. GlasgowEng

    You don’t get sponsored by RE paras or RE Comd, it will just be RE. After Sandhurst you do a troop commanders course in Chatham, 6 months I think. After the troop commanders course you list your choices of attachments in preference.

    E.g. 1. Gurkha Engineers; 2. Paras; 3. Commandos

    You may or may not get your preferences. You will then spend 2 years on the attachment and then change to another one for 2 years etc.

    I think that is correct but I am standing by for correction. I went on a PO Fam visit in January and it was really good, get your sponsor to organise one for you.

    Hope this helps.

  10. Will do.

    I have my briefing on the 30th June-1st May so trying to find the time to get my head down and revise for the psychometric test.

    I think the delay is usually 3-6 months if you get a cat 2, but it can be up to 24 months (but I think because we're getting on it wouldn't be that long).

    edit- I have a visit for REME mid July so that should be interesting
  11. Having once passed P.coy myself, I would say that you would most probably find passing difficult. I base this assumption upon having seen many potential candidates of your age fail. Although a postitive attitude and a decent level of fitness will stand you in good sted in both P.coy and the All Arms Commando course. However having youth on your side is also an advantage especially where injuries are concerned.

    I was nineteen when I passed P.coy, many of the older lads just couldnt keep up with pace.

    However I dont know how fit you are and I certaintly dont know how robust you are. I wish you the best of luck mate. Im re-enlisting at the moment and i have been told that i wont have to do P.coy again, although i would like the challenge again.

    Any Q's on P.coy just ask mate im happy to help

  12. Past it at twenty huh?
    Earth calling alliwantisarmy, come in alliwantisarmy.......... :roll:
  13. We had a QM who passed at 40.
  14. Exactamundo! 19 is barely out of diapers. :wink:
  15. I think at 18 I was the youngest bod on my P company (admittedly the smallest one for years). Know plenty of others who passed at 25/26, so no probs there.

    Unfortunately the chaps are right, you can't specialise in the RE as Para/Commando (officer or enlisted); you may start there, but I know (officer Para wise) of some who, after their first two year tour, have not managed to get posted back and some who have.
    Definitely seems harder for officers to get posted in again as it depends on open slots, which I'm guessing are rarer.

    Best of luck to you! though.

    P.s. This probably reads badly... drunken post...Doh!