Hoping to go to Sandhurst, but I need my sleep!!

Discussion in 'Officers' started by welshblokemiles, Nov 16, 2005.

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  1. Im a person who needs their sleep. I need the 7/8 hours otherwise I'm as useful as syphilis. Further more, when I'm tired, because the way in which my brain works, it either does or does not. Nothing in between. Have any of you had experience with people who couldn't hack minimal sleep, and what did they do in the end?

    Honestly, I'll be the one yawning his head off, pi**ing of the DS and the rest of the platoon, whilst wearing my helmet on my arse and my trousers round my neck.

    That and fitness I think are my weak points. Fitness I can work on. But sleep I'm not so sure about!
  2. Sandhurst not for you by a long way, then. It's basically a year of sleep deprivation. And fitness is absolutely key. A BPFA in anything above 9.30 is just not on. And the better your upper body strength the better. Pull-ups, pull-ups and more pull-ups, with some dips, is my recommendation.
  3. I found the sleep deprivation very tough at Sandhurst and I probably had the same attitude to sleep as you. Although I will always be know as "half man, half mattress" I found getting fit, drinking less and a decent diet helped.

    Also remember that RMAS are looking for a brain not someone who can bull boots. Therefore, if you have been given a cerebal task, like writing orders or doing a combat estimate, do it first and then do all the bullshit tasks later at night when you are tired. If your boots are in rag order you'll get a bollocking and maybe a show parade, but if your orders are sh1t you run the risk of getting back termed.
  4. Just wondering if there are any tips to ease me into the transistion. Trial sleep deprivation perhaps?! Perhaps it's all in my head, and I'm actually a lazy fooker, but I know I'll have to try a bit harder to stay awake than everyone else! Sh*t happens I suppose.

    The fitness pointers are appreciated. I may still be unfit (12.30 for my mile and half), but I have come from 18 stone, down to 15'7, so I'm on my way! That's the best motivation anyone can get! :lol:

    What are dips excatly? I'll have a look in the other forums in the meantime, in case anyone else is as fitness un-orientated as me.
  5. It doesn't sound as if you are naturally fit therefore you are going to suffer. 12.30 for a mile and a half is truly awful and you have got a mountain to climb before you are even near the standard required. The BPFA is the easiest thing you'll ever do at RMAS and Arthur's right you need to be running that in under 9.30 at least. Further to that, you should really concentrate on long marches carrying weight as this is where I saw most people suffer.
  6. Well, when I was 14 I was excpetionally fit, as I used to work on a farm. Did cross country and kicked everyone's arses. I'm still overweight by a stone and a half also. But if I have to get down to 9.30 then that's what I'll do. Eventually...

    I can't see why a bloke like me, who probably would make a decent officer, should say sod it i'm a fatso, and not bother, no matter how unfit!
  7. Go for it! There is no reason why you can't succeed, but trust me, you've got your work cut out. Run, run and run again and then once a week get into the hills with weight on your back and tab all day. You will soon see the fat burn off and your times come down.

    Edited to add: I'm not trying to be nasty or put you off, but to put your timings into perspective, my COS is in his fifties and runs a 12 min BPFA!
  8. Ah come on... this has to be a wind-up.... who is it?

    I'm trying to think of a good 'what colour is the boathouse at hereford?' style question but the best I can come up with is...

    What games did you play in the R SIGNALS mess at Blandford?
    (no prompting from the audience please)

  9. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    If this isn't a Wah then the answer is that you need to accustom your body to less - but good quality - sleep. You can easily and comfortably make do on 3-4 hrs per night for long periods, you just need to persuade your mind that that is the case. A crucial tip for getting in shorter periods of quality sleep is to knock off the booze, fags and other mind-altering substances. Set your alarm for an hour or two earlier and go for a run.
  10. I have to disagree about practising marches carrying weight. Concentrate on the BPFA training. The loaded marches are so incremental, and start so easily, that if you can do the BPFA in a reasonable time you'll be fine. Practising carrying weight before you get to RMAS is like a free pass to injury and Lucknow Platoon.
  11. There is no boa....DOH!
  12. Well, one of them is 'over the bars, under the bars, over, under, down, under the chair, neck the pint' :D

    (I went for a fam visit down there, failed miserably. Few months later went to Loggies, got approved, but have done basically bugger all fizz since :oops: ).
  13. remember, caffine is your best friend.
  14. And Red bull is his mate that you tolerate
  15. Well I think I'll dock two marks cause you are supposed to neck the pint first not last but yes you did pass my 'colour of the boathouse in hereford' question...

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