Hoping to become a TA officer at uni

Dwarf said:
Don't worry about the hot women, if you can't score at Durham Uni, then you will be chaste for life bonny lad.
(Even I managed to, and I'm as shy as they come.)

Thats my pennyworth, and good luck whatever you decide to do.
Look forward to it mate. Thanks for all the advice which everyone has given on here. I was really surprised at the number of Durham undergrads who are also in the TA. Bring on the militarisation of the North East.

I've got an informal interview lined up with the officer training man in my battalion and will definately be talking over a lot of what has been said here.

About the idea of joining as a soldier before training as an officer, it does seem really sensible, especially as you get more time to build up the basic skills which are taken for granted at officer selection.

It does seem that a fair few people who become TA officers end up commisioning into different units so it's more about winning the respect of the men by being able to do all that they can do and more rather than having served with them as a Tom.

Cheers again

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