Hopefully joining soon

I am in my first year of sixth form, planning on joining the army (regular) as an officer when I have completed my A-levels. I would love to join the army tommorow but obviously my aim as joining as an officer means I can't do that. However, I am 17 in about 5 months, and seriously considering joining my local TA regiment (Yorkshire Regiment), however I am concerned as to whether I could cope with all the training along with my college work. As far as my fitness goes I am fine and i'm sure I would thoroughly enjoy training and being in the TA in general. If there is anybody who is in a similar situation or can just offer some advice on how easy it is to combine TA life with college life it would be extremely helpful. By the way I am aware of the amount of days and weekends I would be required to sacrifice for the TA.
Finish your A-levels first.

And do non-army things if you are going to go regular.


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